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  1. Yes, Shannon was clearly one of the writers' favourite characters. I suppose she was fun to write for because she was so sassy and headstrong.
  2. ^ Thanks, Bobby Forever Missed. It's not on iTunes either. At least the 1995 opening and closing themes were released on the soundtrack.
  3. I know the original H&A theme was released on vinyl in the 80s, but does anyone know if it was ever released on CD or digitally? I'd love a high-quality copy.
  4. Thanks, Dan F. Glad to know I didn't imagine it!
  5. I used to own the white 1992 H&A annual, and I have a couple of questions. I gave this annual away aeons ago, so I may be misremembering both points. 1. I vaguely remember Finlay’s biography stating that she had six brothers. Given that Irene arrived onscreen twenty-five years ago and only Nathan and Damian have ever been appeared, I’m guessing this is not the case! But was it retconned, or was it never mentioned on the show in the first place? 2. I also remember reading that Michael had a son and a daughter from his first marriage. However, I only remember Haydn, and Michael’s BttB bio doesn’t mention a daughter. Was she ever mentioned on the show?
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