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  1. Martha Mackenzie,Hayley Smith and Emma Jackson return and also more of Alf’s family Ric,Quinn,Celia,Duncan
  2. Would be really good to see her return and see her reconnect with Roo and Alf and get to know Martha Snr
  3. Hopefully all of them will return one day
  4. Tasha Andrews Hugo Austin Xavier Austin Rachel Armstrong Sasha Bezmel Heath Braxton Darryl Braxton Kyle Braxton Ruby Buckton Geoff Campbell Annie Campbell Miles Copeland Ric Dalby Blake Dean Donald Fisher Sally Fletcher Nicole Franklin Chris Harrington Tony Holden Matilda Hunter Scott Hunter Emma Jackson Aden Jefferies Martha MacKenzie Frank Morgan Liam Murphy Gypsy Nash Phoebe Nicholson Maddy Osborne Alex Poulos Pippa Ross Ricky Sha
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