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  1. Thanks for that!!! It was really annoying me. I kind of vaguely remember the storyline now! Funny that the guy uses it as credit in the UK when he was in such a brief role, haha.
  2. I was at the theatre last night (in the UK) and in the programme for Evita was a man named Joel Elferink, it said that he played Wayne in Home and Away. Naturally I assumed it would be a guest star or a character of equally less significance because I didn't recognise him/the name, but I can't find anything about him. Can anyone help shed light on the storyline he was involved in? He was in it in 2006, according to information on him on a casting website, you can also see a picture of him here: http://m.castingcallpro.com/uk/view.php?uid=215976
  3. Thanks for that, interesting! Good to know for sure, thanks again!
  4. I know all about verified accounts, a person has to ask to be verified and only some are given verification. The 'H&A stars' I mentioned aren't verified accounts, which was why I came here since this place seems to know everything (or at least almost everything). There's also a Rebecca Breeds Twitter and 'she' talks to 'Luke' quite a bit, all lovey dovey type 'we're having dinner' stuff. That partly suggests they could be real, yet at the same time suggests maybe someone could be faking them both.
  5. Hello, I recently came across a Home and Away twitter run by some fans that were telling people to follow some Home and Away stars, I know Axle Whitehead's is real because it's on his website, but does anyone know if the rest are real? @_LukeMitchell @CharlotteBest @ItsTessaJames @jordansblah09 The Charlotte one seems real because she posted up some pics of herself and Todd (Aden), if anyone can shed some light that would be awesome. :-)
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