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  1. Thank you everyone, glad you are liking it, called them sausages for 1 chapter, can anyone guess who dies? do you think the fire spread too fast?
  2. Chapter 4: The Summer Bay Celebration Barbecue. Alf and Miles had cooked some of the Sausages and set up, then came: Donald Fisher, who said, "Hello Alf." and Sam Marshall Alf said, 'Stone the Flamin Crows! Don Fisher and Sam are here! Miles take over the Barbecue for me can ya, thanks." Alf took Donald Fisher and Sam to the Diner and when Marilyn saw Donald, she was a little embarrassed and said, "Hi Donald!" Donald said, "hello everyone." Everyone said "Hello" Back. Down at the beach where everyone was, Zac came and said to Leah, "I rented a Food Truck, your going to need it, we were expecting 6,000 people, but now we are thinking that we are going to have 10,000 people or more." Leah said, "Zac, that's so many people, we can't cater that many people!" Irene said, "it's going to be A-OK Leah, we will get the help of Brody and Salt, they can do gourmet and we can do Salads and Sandwiches." Leah replied, "Yes, but still, it wont be enough, and besides, we only have 30 minutes!" Irene replied, "Ok, Leah, but some people will get food before or after the Barbecue." Leah said, "Ok Irene, I'm making myself less stressed." Morag came up to Alf and said, "Miss me Alf!" Alf said, "Geez Morag, weren't you taught not to sneak up on people!" "Oh relax Alf!" Morag said. As Jack came on stage to do his magic tricks, a Storm started. Jack said, "Hello Everyone, I lived in Summer Bay for a few years in the 90s and this town really helped me with everything, Pippa and Michael Helped me the Biggest, but there is one other person who helped me big time, and that person is Mr. Fisher, The former Summer Bay High School Principal, come up here Mr. Fisher!" Don walks up to the stage and announces he is returning to Summer Bay High School in an Advisor and Mentor role. To let him be a teacher, but in a far less stressful way, as such, he announces he will be moving back in to Summer Bay. Jack then asks Zac, Sally and Pippa to come up to the stage. Zac says, "I am quitting my role as Principal and returning to being a simple teacher. My replacement stands beside me and is none other than Sally Fletcher, who is moving back to the Bay to be Principal! Sally over to you." Sally say's "I will be making some Big changes to the School including a new uniform of polo tops, and Shorts or Pants, to go along with the current uniform, the new uniform will make it better for PE. There is one lady who will be returning to the Bay for good, and that is none other than Pippa Ross who is the new head of the Governing Council at Summer Bay High." Soon enough after Jacks Magic act, A fire has spread, and the SES are called to fight it, including Alf. It spreads wildly due to weather conditions, Alf says, "This Fire is roaring! it is too big to Control." After a while, it spreads to the beach, and pier, the Jetty is Destroyed. Summer Bay High is Completely Destroyed, nothing remains, Irene's House has had partial damage. The Diner is destroyed Completely, and Roo and Matt and Ely are without a house. By the time the fire spreads to the event everyone is evacuated, but it is too late to stop a Fatality. Part 2 of the chapter coming Soon.
  3. Umm, yes, technically Olivia is, but Irene doesn't want a Party to happen lol, plus, Pippa and Sally and little Pippa need a place to stay. hmm, I don't have to post each chapter so close, but sometimes I get an idea, if I don't write it, I will lose it.
  4. Chapter 3: Foster Mother reporting for Duty. Setting: Beach/Diner Alf and Miles were ready on the beach with Snags and Vegie Snags. Miles said to Alf. "Got those Snags!" "Sure do!" Alf said Irene, Leah, Roo, Marilyn, Pippa, little Pippa, Olivia and Sally were at the diner getting food ready, Ash came down to the diner and returned the car to Pippa. Irene said "oh clouds are coming over, looks like we are in for one hell of a storm!" "Yes, hopefully we will be fine, although storms and Severe Bushfire warnings don't go too well." Pippa said. Olivia came in and said, "ugh, just had another Fight with Hunter, like OMG, he is so selfish! Sorry Leah! I hear that John and Louise totally broke up, maybe I'll take him! Nah Actually Im over most men, Im going single this afternoon!" Irene said to Olivia, "well, if you don't get to work helping us and quit gossiping about others relationships then there wont be any Barbecue will there?!" "No Irene. I'll make some sandwiches." Olivia replied. "I hear your going away for a few weeks Irene." Pippa said. "Yeah love, im going on a much deserved holiday to Adelaide." Irene said. "Oh wow you are going to love it!" Pippa said. "Yeah, but the only problem is, with Nate having moved out to his own place, I need someone to look after Olivia. If I cant find someone I can't go." Irene said. "Me and Sally will look after Olivia and the Beach House for you, Irene! I can be a Foster Mum again almost, and Sal can show me her skills!" Pippa exclaimed! "Oh would you both love, Thank you!" Irene replied. On the Beach, Miles was putting up some balloons and streamers. Chapter 4 coming soon!
  5. Thanks, and you also reminded me, that I brought Miles back and haven't made him speak! Oh no! will fix that up
  6. am Updating now, thank you, am glad you are liking it, will be 5 minutes, then you can read the next chapter
  7. Chapter 2: Kat, Ash and the Police Sergeant. Setting: Garage/workshop The big Barbecue to celebrate Summer Bay was happening in less then 3 hours and Ash was working at the garage to get Pippa's car fixed, Kat came and kissed him, Ash said to her, "hey, you coming this Afternoon? Be my date?" Kat replied, "Sorry Ash cant be your date, got work duties to make sure no one get's lost this afternoon, and besides we cant be seen together even as friends, if McCarthy spots us being too friendly I could be suspended, you know that!" Ash said "oh well, it was worth a try." Kat and Ash were Joking around while he was working and they didn't realise that the Barbecue was only 2 hours away and Kat was going to be late unless she got back to the station in 5 minutes, she had to prepare for the afternoon. Kat said " oh no I've go to go if I don't get back to the station in 5 minutes I will be late and McCarthy will ask questions, we cant let him find out!" "Find out about what?!" Police Sergeant Phillip McCarthy said. "Nothing, Sergeant!" Kat replied. "I saw you two together and you were more than friends." Sergeant McCarthy said. "It wasn't what you think, Sergeant McCarthy." Ash said. McCartney told Kat to come with him to the Police Station. Setting: Police Station "What were you thinking Kat!" McCarthy stated in a whisper. "I know I let you down Sir, but I like Ash, a lot." Kat whispered. "I will have to reprimand you, but for now, lets get on with this barbecue, your needed, there are going to be Thousands coming down possibly." McCarthy Said "Thank you." Kat said.
  8. Thank you everyone, Im editing the first one as I feel I introduced the returning Characters too soon. I cant wait to show you the rest, but for now, Guess who dies?
  9. I tend to think that the early years/classics, slowly ends in 1998-2000, 2011 to present is not Home and Away, same with the whole Braxton era, it was too much Drama and not in a good way, but, don't get me wrong I liked the Braxton's in ways, but feel that they should have stayed for a year or so, to cause trouble then leave, and leave their Girlfriends behind.
  10. Title: The Big Bushfire of Summer Bay Short fic/Long fic (undecided) Main Characters: Alf Stewart, Sally Copeland, Pippa Ross, Miles (Milco) Copeland, Irene Roberts, Morag Bellingham, Ailsa Stewart (ghost) Bobby Marshall (ghost), Leah Maguire, Marilyn Chambers, VJ Patterson, Zac Maguire, Donald Fisher, John Palmer, Martin Ashford, Roo Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Jett Palmer, Sam Marshall, Billie Ashford. BTTB rating: unsure, if it were an episode it would be PG for Parental Guidance recommended. Genre: Drama, General. Does story include spoilers: No. All things that happen in my FanFiction that may/may not happen in the show are purely coincidental. Any warnings: Death, Natural Disaster. Summary: When a Massive Bushfire sweeps across Summer Bay, and changes the town forever, who won't make it out alive?! Chapter 1: A few old faces walk in. Roo and Alf were in the Diner, Marilyn and Irene were preparing Salads for a big beach Barbecue. Suddenly someone walks in, "Surprise!" Said Pippa. Alf replied "Strewth, Pippa, long time no see!" Roo and Irene and Marilyn were also shocked to see Pippa, but then, the biggest surprise of all came when in came Sally with little Pippa, and Miles, Alf said, "Oh wow, fancy seeing you two here as well, and how are you little Pippa? After they said their hellos they all went back to the Summer Bay House for a cup of coffee, once they were there, they were chitter chatting, and then Sally said to Alf "you better get the snags on Mr. Stewart! It's almost time." "Righto! Hold your horses!" Alf replied. After Alf had put the snags on Morag popped in for a visit, then John came in, then almost everyone was there. Except Jett. Jett walked through the Door, everyone was joyous. Marilyn and Alf and John all asked, "How is it going at the Millitary School?" "Well, that's what I wanted to talk to you guys about, I can only stay for one night instead of two. Some guys were hooning around and they said to us that they want us back as soon as possible." Jett said in reply. Sally said to Pippa, "hey how are you feeling, do you need a rest, I know you don't have Mitochondria anymore but the Doctor said you should still get plenty of rest! Ok." with a caring voice after they had talked and had some laughs, they all went to Yabby Creek. Chapter 2 Coming up, but for now, give me your thoughts!
  11. hmm, I honestly think they are equal in ways, Debra auditioned for Pippa, then they gave it to Carol Willisee then to Vanessa Downing as Carol wouldn't sign a contract, Debra revealed this about a month ago to news.com.au. I think Debra's Pippa was better though in some ways, and no offence to Vanessa Downing but Debra to me was more suited to the role, heart of gold, but firm, more natural.
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