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  1. Has anyone seen the new credit style as of I think Monday or Tuesday? It is still "Closer each day, home and Away." with the female voice we have previously heard. The variant looks set to be used tonight too and is of 2 males showering on the beach.
  2. Does Skylover have the full version of that female vocals, or can you tell me, was her version around 1 minute in length as it seems longer. Maybe their plan was to have this full version with titles but 7 disallowed it for now, they seem to have 30 second versions of songs too. UPDATE: Never mind, It wasn't showing the whole theme but now it is working.
  3. Maybe, but the building (Shane and Angels) looks to have been at least partially made with Fibro Asbestos Cement on the exterior.
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  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. It is horrible in my opinion, what are they doing, first male and first female voice combined, sing the 1 minute or 1 minute 15 seconds theme and show that with characters/Actors names and whatever else. Even a 45 second version, they left too much out of that 30 second one.
  7. Yes, I hope so too, he seems nice but firm. Spoiler Below:
  8. Has anyone seen a longer version of the female version we have heard the last couple of episodes.
  9. I have a Profile Picture!

  10. Yes, Home and Away tried saying it was their theme and it was giving them Goosebumps hearing it. They have too many themes, get the Female Singer and the Male Singer to do a duet and have some of the boppy music the female one from Thursday had, then introduce some guitar, and please, make the male sing faster, and, have the one minute song, even if it can't be used on the show. I would love it if they recorded a 3 and a half minute one to put on a cd or something.
  11. Where is the "And from the very first moment I saw you, I've never felt such emotion, I'm waking on air, just to know you are there." and "I want to stay forever." were they only ever in the original? I would like to see a male/Female duet with the female version of the tune which is more boppy but toned down a bit to have a piano in there and other stuff to elude to the 1988 version.
  12. thanks Just saw it on 7plus online and it is much better.
  13. It sounds wrong for the show, and no character/Actor names? It doesn't feel like Home and Away. This with everything else so far makes me feel like this year is a step backwards, it feels so blah. The theme song is too slow, I prefer the one from the home and away store promo and the Home and Away on 7plus promo, they feel more like Home and Away.
  14. The logo looks good and looks just like a logo I saw in promotional material for the show, that material I saw was released in 1988.
  15. There is a new theme song, however it is 5 seconds long and has male vocals singing: "Closer Each day, Home and Away." I don't know if they will do this some days and then the female version or if they will have a longer version sometimes like Thursday's. If I remember rightly they had it on fully and some nights shortened during 2007/2008, I just wish it was longer and had a credits sequence. I am yet to see the closing credits. I think The theme has two characters running down to the beach then the word home and away appears, it shows the water too. Yes, hopefully it gets longer on a Thursday.
  16. Maybe I shouldn't, I want it to be a partial surprise on Monday night, but then again from the little snippet I heard it seems to be the acoustic version, with them not revealing the whole thing until Monday.
  17. There is a new trailer for Home and Away which starts Monday night on 7, or 70 for HD in Australia, it is on this page: https://www.facebook.com/homeandaway/videos/10154910981856612/ It is Awesome, it has the same female vocals, but set to different but similar style of music, it seems to be acoustic at the start or raw etc. Then it turns more upbeat for the second part/Verse, this feels like an edited theme song, the ending is a more up beat "Closer each day, Home and Away." It sounds great, I can imagine a male female duet being done and if they provide at least little hints to the various sequences it could work, like have The 1988 style in Black and white with the images making the letters for the first lot of characters, then change to the coloured sort that were the same besides that, then the 1994 or 5 and then 1996-1999 style, then 2000 then the 2004, then the "Picture Frames" of 2007-2008 then for the final end home and away bit a shot of the collage look from 2009. Either that or they could use the 1988 or 1993 style, they were well known, they could also use the style of the 2000 ones. They will probably do a new style, but it would be nice even if it was for the first episode to have the 1988 ones with the current characters, if they do, someone should upload the theme to YouTube in 1080p HD
  18. Yes it would, maybe updated fonts etc. and the Credits could be like in 1993 and in colour and then the theme song could be like the 1988 one but slightly more upbeat.
  19. Here is why I think it will almost certainly return: https://www.facebook.com/homeandaway/ There are 4 videos, the first, released earlier this month is for the store, featuring a Female Voice, it was all upbeat. The second is the Promo released at the end of the season final Monday night, again featuring the same female voice but slower and less up beat. The third is the second promo released Tuesday Morning, with Male vocals that are slow. The fourth is an ad for plus 7 with that same Female voice, upbeat and the only lyrics in the 20 second video which only has vocals for 3-4 seconds are "You know we belong together." That is evidence. All of these promos are on Facebook and Probably twitter.
  20. totally, and also, Eminem? hmm, not sure about that one
  21. On the official Australian Facebook page, they advertised the Home and away store, towards the middle of the 15-20 second video, a female is singing "I want to stay forever, Home and Away with the away bit longer, I am wondering, why would they go to all that trouble if they didn't have a theme song planned for next year or something. I know we haven't heard about next year and the 30th anniversary so maybe they are keeping it under wraps, because they also put a video on Facebook advertising the show in general.
  22. Home and Away Back to its roots. (Working Title) Release: May 2017 (tentative) Home and Away is going back to its roots, the love laughter etc. will be more then ever, fostering is back, diversity plays a role. It's modern, with classic Home and Away. The year is great, new families, and returning faces, the trouble is, a major death will shake the bay right to its core forever. Who dies? What new buildings and houses will there be? find out in my all new FanFiction
  23. Thanks! You've changed your pic, I got so used to seeing you as Olivia. Who do you think dies?
  24. Chapter 5: The death of a few favourites. John is also helping out with the fires, he says to Marilyn, "Know that whatever happens I will always love you." Marilyn says, "oh John, Thankyou!" Marilyn has tears streaming down her face. The fire has only narrowly avoided Summer Bay House. Sally and Pippa are inside, with little Pippa Pippa says to Sally, "Sal, I hope the others are ok." Sally replies, " Me too, maybe we can talk with Pippa and help assure her everything will be fine, let's reminisce."
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