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  1. Possibly, it wouldn't surprise me especially considering the colour.
  2. Yay, it was really nice. Surprised they put a new one on in the season finale.
  3. Were the 8-second opening titles used tonight new? If so, this could be an indication they plan to keep the current 8-second titles and just spice it up with some new titles joining the existing ones. I personally think that as long as they keep the theme song it is ok if they do that. I really wish they would release the full-length (1 minute or if they did record a full version like the 1988 and 2000 versions than those) versions of the 2018 theme song to the public and reveal the vocalist's names.
  4. Is there a way to contact Home and Away? I have tried searching online but haven't found anything.
  5. They should do what the Bold and the Beautiful has done and remaster the original titles but with modern cast and imagery. B&B also did little nods to its past, such as when Brooke is in the same colour and style dress as Stephanie in the original. Home and Away could use the full theme from 1988 or a version similar with the singers they have used this year for example on a Monday, or whenever they want to fill in extra minutes, this would have the cast and names of characters/actors. They could then use a very fast 10-15 second version most of the time, which could go "Someone you can rely on, closer each day, Home and Away." this version, instead of showing the cast would show the still scenery shots. Once the scenery shots are done, you would see the words 'Home and Away' on the beach, or on the pier, or the surf club, or near Summer Bay House, or near the hilly Eucalyptus Forests. They could use different shots to mix it up.
  6. I thought Bobby moved in straight away to the house.
  7. This has probably been asked before, but who took what room, and how many rooms were there in Summer Bay House Originally in the original season with all kids including Bobby, Lynn, etc.
  8. What do you think will happen to the Opening and Closing Credits next year?
  9. Does anybody know if they are still using all three versions of the theme song?
  10. Are some states in Australia behind others? If so, either Seven should move AFL on Thursday nights to Mate or TWO, or, set up a sports channel, or, Move Home and Away to 7TWO.
  11. That's lots, Thanks for filling me in, do you know if the School has ever had to be bulldozed or has it just been gutted/repaired, because it should look more modern on the outside if it has been bulldozed.
  12. Do you know where they film for the High School currently? I thought the exterior looked different this year or late last year.
  13. I agree, do away with recaps or make them ultra short and do away with the next time on Home and Away thing and replace it with opening and closing themes.
  14. I would rather the theme, but you know, I think we can agree to disagree on that one.
  15. Is it just me, or does it seem like the recaps are longer? I don't know if it's the same in the UK, but compared to 2017 the Recaps seem to be longer. Why don't they trim the recaps to 20-25 seconds and have at least a 30 second version of the theme, the recaps in the 90's went for way longer and they could still have the whole 1 minute song. The version from the tour bus is 57/58 seconds, but because it was on Instagram and is cut off slightly, it goes for almost exactly one minute give or take a few milliseconds.
  16. Someone needs to put that full female voice like the one Skylover posted on Instagram and make credits in the same style as the 1988 ones, but with the current logo and some new pictures where you see the seagull etc. and current cast. It would be good to show the various locations a bit. The font could be updated or kept the same, I would do it, but I don't know how. I would like to see it be done, it would be beautiful.
  17. I honestly think we need to have a 30 second closing with the second verse of the theme, or 3rd. I also think we need both 1st and second verse in the opening, so the minute version, with characters.
  18. Time to bring back the Jukebox! Who else agrees? Maybe we can also have the credits start with a character/characters in the diner putting a coin in the jukebox and choosing a song, the characters always choose 'Home and Away' and the theme plays, unless there are special credits.
  19. Which one, the one used in the Alf promo or the one used on the show. Is it the just the voice or just the musical arrangement or both?
  20. We need that female version combined with the faster male voice, and it needs to be full 1 minute in the same order as the original theme.
  21. It is so good, I think they should get her as part of the Checkout as a regular actor
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