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  1. On 31/07/2020 at 08:17, EndlessSummer said:

    I originally disliked the way she was written back, but what upset me even more was the wedding that felt rushed and could have seen numerous former cast members return.

    Tbh I feel like TPTB should show her more as an individual charecter (although I guess it would be hard considering Belinda Giblin is only a semi regular). It would be great to have more insight on her borderline personality disorder. Love the idea of her having a art studio. I think it might also be fitting to see her as art teacher at Summer Bay High.

    She could teach a TAFE Art Class for adults and older teens. It would be a great way of fleshing her out and would allow some other recurring characters.

  2. I'd love to see a prequel series detailing everything that happened in summer bay pre 1988. They could even go back to First Nations people and the effects of colonisation. It depends. I'd love to at least see them explore a bit before 1988, there could be lots of drama.

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  3. 37 minutes ago, CaptainHulk said:

    1995. End of.

    It was a real "Why aye, Man!" Year.

    There was plenty of Drama and cliffhangers that had you salivating over 24 hours/the weekend also a number of laughs (Jack/Irene/Curtis Christmas lights misunderstanding, Selina and Jeans, etc). Pound-for-Pound Home and Away's greatest season. A Number of Classic characters came back and two were permanent. Ratings were at 9m over here (Ratings they'd kill for now) and the show was still on all magazine covers.  Even ITV's censorship couldn't dilute it.

    Yes. I remember seeing the episodes on 7TWO with Selina's Jeans and her wanting to rip them as they were the 'in' thing and Irene telling her no and her doing it anyway and Irene cutting crook at her. I also remember, or is this 1994, the debate thing, where two of the school girls had to debate, and they had to support the side that they actually oppose.

  4. Ok, so it starts tonight here in Australia. I'm bringing it up again as is the annual tradition. I'm of course hoping for full open titles, except I know that's unlikely. So, what's your thoughts as to what will happen. Maybe a new 8 second bumper with the End parts of the theme as we've seen since 2018, or maybe a 15 second theme, or even a 30 second version, or maybe a 1 minute version? I'm at least hoping for some fresh bumpers, though I'd love to see the various characters in the theme and have it be longer, even if only for Monday's or longer episodes or the first one back.

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  5. 14 hours ago, Lunar said:

    I agree with all points! It does seem like there was a big focus on the hospital the past few years (especially with Tori and then Mason working at the hospital too). I also miss the school stuff as can't remember the last time there was a decent school-related storyline. I feel like the only ones we've had are the Blake stuff and then before that the Simone/Bella stuff. A lot of the school stuff has been sort of rushed since Coco and Raffy left.

    Yes, and even then, we don't really get good School storylines with just average stuff anymore. I also want less of a police officer presence on the show, not because of a hate of police, but because it seems like the show always seems to need a 'token' police role.

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  6. I think a new Diner, or at least somewhat of a refresh, so reintroduce the jukebox, update the original logo that was used in the 80s and 90s. This could just be a little update that Irene and Leah do, maybe not a disaster or fire that does it.

    Rebalance: The Hospital seems to have been used more and more over the last 15-20 years, back in the 80s and 90s they rarely had health issues, or they just went off screen to an ordinary GP if it was minor. It was a big deal when the Hospital was seen. The School was also shown more back then. We don't have to have more teens necessarily that are main characters, but more recurring ones, where we get a taste of the character, they get a story arc or two, maybe they are friends with the main teens etc. Also, I want to see more of classes, I want to see the fun debate club type things like when Mr. Fisher paired two characters up and they had to argue the opposite point to the other and it may have been about a republic, but they disagreed with the points they were making to each other. They had to step into the mind of the other side and understand why they would have that opinion. The School could also hold Skill building classes or be co-located with a TAFE or community centre so we can see recurring and main characters upskill or have a good time. I would like to see more teachers at times and actually see a bit of their lives or something. Maybe a teachers strike would be good to see as well if the department cuts something or does something they don't like.

  7. Personally, if a character was a regular, than I would be opposed to the same actor appearing as a different character later. Sometimes it can work, but most times it doesn't. If the actor is not a regular, or is only filling in for another actor who is sick, then coming in as a different character is ok, take Nancye Hayes, who filled in for Ailsa whilst Judy Nunn was sick in 2000, she could come back as a different character. 
    Rohan Nichol is ok to be playing Ben because his role was only minor previously.

  8. I believe Home and Away should put every episode of every season up until around the end of 2008 on 7Plus as the first 20 years of the show. Alternately, they could go until the end of 2009. Either way, it would be great to relive episodes that aren't all drama or full on happy, just average episodes. It would also be great for storylines like Sally's near wedding to Kieran in 2000, that are not currently on 7Plus, as I want to watch it, and older characters came back and I have found the episode before the wedding but in low quality.

    This would allow 7 to show 'high quality' versions of episodes, and they wouldn't need to be on TV, but could be on for the long term like with Netflix, Stan etc. This could encourage newer viewers to watch older episodes too.

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  9. Pioneering Australian screenwriter Reg Watson, who created Neighbours, Prisoner, The Young Doctors and Sons & Daughters, has died aged 93.

    He died following a short illness.

    Watson is Australia’s most prolific creator of serial drama, with long-running shows produced at Grundy Productions becoming household names, enjoyed by millions in multiple territories around the world. Thousands of actors and crew have worked on dramas he created, with many gaining international success.

    10’s Neighbours, originally created for the Seven Network, is his most famous creation. Due to mark 35 years in 2020, it is Australia’s all-time longest-running drama with a cavalcade of stars to its name including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Margot Robbie, Guy Pearce, Jesse Spencer, Alan Dale, Natalie Imbruglia, Liam Hemsworth, Delta Goodrem and more.

    Prisoner ran from 1979 – 1986 becoming a ground-breaking show for its ensemble of female actors and taboo subjects. The show drew viewers in the US and UK, with a diehard fanbase who still gather for reunions. It also inspired a hit reboot in Foxtel’s Wentworth reaching a new generation.

    The Young Doctors ran from 1976 – 1983 on Nine, The Restless Years from 1977 – 1981 on 10 and Sons and Daughters, largely created to appeal to viewers in both Sydney & Melbourne, on Seven from 1981 – 1987.

    Jason Herbison Executive Producer at Neighbours said, “Everyone at Neighbours is sad to hear of the passing our our creator, Reg Watson. He was a pioneer of drama, prolific in his output and by all accounts a lovely person to work with. His legacy lives on in Ramsay Street to this day.”

    Writer Bevan Lee said “Reg Watson was a trailblazer in Australian commercial television drama. He also mentored many of its top writing and production talents over the years, including  myself, John Holmes, Rick Maier, Sue Smith, Patrea Smallacombe, Greg Haddrick, Coral Drouyn, Jason Herbison and John Misto. He also gave a start to many actors who have gone on to tread the world stage, especially through his creation Neighbours. This, Sons and Daughters, Prisoner and The Young Doctors. What a creative legacy! Why is he NOT in the Hall of Fame?”

    TV historian Andrew Mercado said, “He was a very private man, which is a shame because he should have been put on a pedestal and received a lot of attention for the fact that so many of his ideas turned into such long-running hit shows. He should be in the Hall of Fame.

    “His shows had such a great core concept to them. Prisoner was a very brave show, ahead of its time. Sons & Daughters was a brilliant way to overcome the Sydney-Melbourne rivalry by creating a premise situated in both cities. And the sheer Neighbours simplicity of it turned out to be very self sustaining.

    Brian Walsh Executive Director of Television, said, “Reg was a gifted storyteller, but significantly his brilliant and creative mind gave life to so many Australian shows which have become folklore. I was fortunate enough to work with him on Neighbours and proud that at Foxtel we could continue his legacy with Wentworth -the reimagining of his brilliant signature work, Prisoner. He was a stalwart of the Australian television industry and we have lost a legend.”

    Watson grew up on a sugar farm in Queensland, before roles as a radio actor and later announcer. He moved to the UK in 1955 where he became Head Of Light Entertainment at ATV. He convinced Lew Grade to produce a new Midlands based soap opera which would become Crossroads. It ran from 1964–1988 before a revival from 2001–2003.

    He returned to Australia in 1973 to become head of drama at Reg Grundy Productions, creating Until Tomorrow (1975), The Young Doctors (1976), Glenview High (1977), The Restless Years (1977), Prisoner (1979), Taurus Rising (1981), Sons and Daughters (1981), Waterloo Station (1983), Starting Out (1983), Possession (1985) and Richmond Hill (1988).  

    In 2010 Watson was given a Member of the Order of Australia for services to the media as a pioneer in the creation and production of serial television drama.

    He is yet to be inducted into the TV Week Logie Hall of Fame.



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  10. I would like to see Morag die off screen, and then have an on screen funeral, but it should be planned well in advance. I don't even think it has to happen in the next year necessarily. It just needs to happen at some point in the show and not at a ridiculous point like 30 years or even 10-15 years from now. It should, ideally have characters like Colleen if possible, and maybe Celia, Donald Fisher would also be good and Martha, Roo's daughter. (If she ever returns) It wouldn't need to have characters like Pippa or Sally in my opinion, as while it would be ok if they returned, too many characters returning could ruin it. The focus has to be on Alf and Roo. That said, a card or a voice or video message/call from Sally and also from Pippa (Snr) would be good. A voice phone call would be really easy as those characters wouldn't be needed as the call can be faked. A card is the same. I think they should actually play the credits here in Australia for one night, and that would be as a tribute to Morag and Cornelia, similar to how Neighbours does their sad theme, or used to do it. It could be done really respectfully. 

    Either that or Home and Away need to take her out of limbo somehow. I would never agree to a recast, no way would I accept that ever. A character that is kind of similar in ways to Morag, yes, but not the same character played by a different actress.

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  11. 12 hours ago, Dan F said:

    It survived the transition from the Beachside Diner to the 'Den' half of the new building—and the subsequent Diner/Den merging—but disappeared along with the jukebox after the 2010 fire.

    It was re-introduced to the current set in 2014.

    Cool. It's great to know this.

  12. I just saw a picture on Twitter of Irene in the diner talking into a burger phone, it's from the show, so isn't a promotional image or something. It appears to be the one main constant in the diner then. Either that or it's made a return. I've never seen them use a telephone, let alone a burger phone in the current diner before. Maybe I am the only one that hasn't noticed the burger phone. It's definitely nice to know it's still there though, as the photo appears it maybe recent.

  13. 9 hours ago, Luigi Severus Fletcher said:

    The thing is, the 2017 - 2019 episodes have that pull that the 1988 - 2000 episodes have... It's sucked me in completely, the last time I was sucked in completly was when the Early Years was on.

    Totally agree. They've kept storylines stepped up like it has been since the 2000s but they have also reintroduced some of the calmer elements and some of the comedy has come back the past two years as well. Strangely enough, this year they seem to be accepting and celebrating their heritage as well. They do it on Facebook sometimes and they have the theme song back.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Golden Sands said:

    The budget issue isn't H&A budget, but channel 7's. They massively overspent on cricket rights in a joint partnership with foxtel. As sports rights are so expensive, AFL, NRL & Cricket actually cost the networks money as they can't recoup all the money back on adertisements. That's why whenever there is a new sports rights deal reached (always for more money), Australian drama suffers. It happened back in the mid noughties when 7 successfully renegotiated a new AFL deal and Blue Heelers was the victim.


    Channel 7 decided the previous year that they were going to axe 800 words, before they finally aired the final batch of episodes. Yes the ratings were down on the first half (so was everything else) but they didn't even try to fix the problems with more promotion or a timeslot change, just canned the show right away. I suspect that that was also a victim of the sports rights issues. 800 words was even a co production filmed in New Zealand which probably made it one of their cheapest tv dramas in years.


    What annoys me is that the networks constantly set unrealistic ratings targets for their dramas and when they don't achieve those at the first available opportunity it's the excuse they have to axe them. It almost becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when the network almost expects them to fail or loses interest.


    Unfortunately the networks still think if they have big marquee sporting events, then the eyeballs that watch those sporting events will also watch the other programmes on their network, but that has consistently been proven false with the ratings data emerges and it also operates on the outdated view that watching those sporting events are only available on the commercial channels exclusively, when you can watch it with streaming or other third parties. It really is nothing more than a pissing contents between networks though that can grab or steal the other sporting code away from each other and have bragging rights.

    As you have pointed out H&A also has other avenues of revenue, they even released merchandise like hats and towels, which makes targeting H&A even more ridiculous.


    I like reality tv, except the awful dating ones, but I agree there has to be a tipping point eventually when others have finally had enough and reality tv gets pared back a little.  

    You have a point. And what good was Cricket on 7 anyway, people were so upset with the coverage and much of it was on Foxtel (Pay TV)

    The ABC has had so many stupid funding cuts from the Government in the past 6 years, but they still make some great dramas and Comedies.

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  15. 2 hours ago, j.laur5 said:

    We have eight 40+ regulars on the show Maggie/Leah/Ben/Marilyn/Roo/John/Irene/Alf.

    I think the show always had mostly 20-30 year olds as I think they think most of  the viewers are loyal fans who have been watching ten or twenty years or more and I guess they feel they can relate to characters in their age group. 

    True, except for maybe the 80s/90s where it was mostly teens or early 20s.

  16. The Heights has tonight premiered on the ABC, it is a 30-minute episode Soap Opera/Serial Drama set in a Public Housing Tower. It has Drama, but not in the exact same way as Summer Bay or Ramsay Street. The Heights is going to go for 30 episodes at the moment but could be extended for further episodes and seasons. It is on Fridays at 8:30 and there are 2 episodes a night. It is one of the few new Soaps in an era where Reality is the focus. On Seven, they are showing a movie or sport, on 10 they are showing an Encore of Changing Rooms, and then Graham Norton Show, and Nine, they have RBT and a movie. ABC is giving a new soap opera a chance in a Prime Time slot. 

    This thread is for discussion of the show, please use spoiler tags, as some may not want to know spoilers, just know a little bit about the show.

  17. Were the 8-second opening titles used tonight new? If so, this could be an indication they plan to keep the current 8-second titles and just spice it up with some new titles joining the existing ones. I personally think that as long as they keep the theme song it is ok if they do that. I really wish they would release the full-length (1 minute or if they did record a full version like the 1988 and 2000 versions than those) versions of the 2018 theme song to the public and reveal the vocalist's names.

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