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  1. David Deex

    When will Lucy Addario's reign end?

    I think not just with Lucy, but with others, the show needs new blood, but people who understand every era. This is why it would be great to get Bevan Lee back to mentor people on the shows history. What is needed is people who are very big fans of the show, or were at some point.
  2. I would have liked them to have more footage with more people, To be honest it was good, but needed more, maybe it could have been 1 hour on TV and 90 mins-120 mins on DVD.
  3. David Deex

    I'm thinking of watching Neighbours

    Watch from a certain point onwards, it is good, however be warned that if you don't know some of the storylines there are big ones going on, so I would watch at least little bits of Toadie and Dee from the early 2000's and bits from last year, I won't spoil it, but there is a big storyline that is taking over a year, so get acquainted.
  4. I wonder why they are wanting to do this now? If they are looking to start talking about it being their 30th anniversary, why now? Still, it looks really good.
  5. David Deex

    Martha (McKenzie) storyline dropped.

    I just wished Roo hadn't miscarried, I know she had increased risk of losing it because of her age, but still, it would have been nice to have her have a child on the show. I would have loved it too if the baby had special needs and she for a brief second was sad about it, but then she decides that she has waited so long to have a child and she finally gets one and it's a blessing for her.
  6. David Deex

    The Location Thread

    That's lots, Thanks for filling me in, do you know if the School has ever had to be bulldozed or has it just been gutted/repaired, because it should look more modern on the outside if it has been bulldozed.
  7. David Deex

    The Location Thread

    Do you know where they film for the High School currently? I thought the exterior looked different this year or late last year.
  8. Yay, that would be great.
  9. I thought so, it has been in their family for ages then, it looks to be around over 100 years old, I believe they have revealed that the Stewarts were some of the first settlers in Summer Bay. I would say that It was only the Stewarts that have lived there in the backstory. I think the house was built late 1800's early 1900's. Sorry to get of topic here, but does anyone know what they actual interior of the real life house looks like or what the layout is? Original or Rebuilt version is fine.
  10. Is it possible it was built by the Stewarts themselves? Not Alf, but a few generations back.
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  12. I agree, do away with recaps or make them ultra short and do away with the next time on Home and Away thing and replace it with opening and closing themes.
  13. David Deex

    The Never-ending Home & Away Story

    Along with, Bea, Rita Connors, Joan Ferguson and, Mrs. Mangel, Susan Kennedy, Helen Daniels, Madge Ramsay, Paul Robinson and also, Scott Robinson, Charlene Robinson, Madison Robinson, and Daniel Robinson with Wife Imogen. They were mystified, somehow, everything was reset to being the town of May 2018, People and all, this change was irreversible, and past characters could no longer come back, except for as ghosts or in the case of characters who are alive, as a visit. Bea walked into town, she was still amazed at how she made it out of the fire at Barnhurst.
  14. David Deex

    Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Glad you enjoyed it. There will be some mystery as to whom that person is. The City will show lot's of fun, and, shopping. Would you like to see how something from the past or present on Home and Away plays out here? Or how something no Home and Away related plays out? Give suggestions.
  15. David Deex

    Home and Away: A New and Old Sort of Era

    Chapter 27: The day out Part 1. Alf called someone out to look at the house as Malcolm and Jennifer had gone away to a Principals conference for a few days. "How is the house?" "It's in Good condition, however, I see some issues with what you want to do, you will need to remove some Asbestos from Wet area renovations done in the 60/70/s." "Why? It was renovated in the late 90's." "Yes, well, someone left the Asbestos but chose to hide it." "Seriously? Grrr. not happy." "Yeah, well, this will set you back money, and you don't own the house anymore do you?" "No." "Yeah, Sorry." Alf and the Worker looked in the lounge. "Hmm, this Fireplace will be expensive to open back up." "Grrr." "I understand how you feel." "Yeah." "Otherwise, I see no issue with re-decorating and some minor works." "Oh well, see ya." "See ya." David, Audrey, Lynnette and Alex came in after. "How did it go Mr. Stewart?" "Not good David. The guy said that the bathroom has Asbestos in it but hidden, and in here, the Fireplace will be expensive to open, so we will have to leave most of it to Malcolm and Jennifer." "Ok, can I still do my bedroom?" "Yes." "We don't want ours done." The others said, adding: "Maybe some carpet but that's it." "Ok." "Hmm, when Malcolm and Jennifer get back I will tell them more." "Ok." After a few days, Malcolm and Jennifer got back. "Hi, how was the conference." "It was great, thanks." "Ok, want me to put the kettle on?" "Thanks David." "Ok." "Are you having a Herbal Tea?" "No, I am about to head to the Store in a minute." "Oh, ok, so you won't be here for long?" "No Jennifer." "Oh ok." "I've gotta go now." "Ok, see ya." "Bye." David was walking to the store, he left 30 minutes before he had to, so he could walk to the store with James, who was hanging out with David, as David only had a 1 hour shift. "Hi James." "Hi." "Ready to go?" "Yes." "Cool." After they got to the store, David said: "I wish there was somewhere else we could go." "Yeah, me too." "Hang on, I heard there were cheap Bus fares to the City today!" "Yeah." "We can go there." "Oh yeah, cool, we can get lunch and look at all the cool shops and stuff." "Yep." "I think you have a customer coming to pay or ask something." "I know him, he is always in trouble at School." "Oh." "Hi." "Hi." "What can I help you with?" "Do you have any more of them totally rad Choccies?" "Which ones?" "Them 'Starry' ones with the peanuts or whatever." "Ok, I will check out the back." "I'll go check the aisle David." "Ok." David went out the Back slightly. "Oi! Stop right there!" David ran after the customer. James wondered what was going on. "Get back here!" "Why should I?!" "Because, you are trying to steal the other Groceries." "No." "Got you." David called Colby to come and give the customer a warning. After David was finished work, he called Malcolm to ask if he could go to the City. "Can I please go to the City with James? We will be out until 3PM, then by the time we come back and we are home it will be 4PM." "Did Ms. Jackson say yes?" "Yes, She did, so can I go?" "Yes, but can you text me when you get there?" "Yes." "See you later." With that, David and James caught the Bus to the City. "Where to first David?" "Maybe the Westfield nearest to where we are?" "Yeah, sounds good, I will get it up on my phone."

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