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  1. She could teach a TAFE Art Class for adults and older teens. It would be a great way of fleshing her out and would allow some other recurring characters.
  2. I'd love to see a prequel series detailing everything that happened in summer bay pre 1988. They could even go back to First Nations people and the effects of colonisation. It depends. I'd love to at least see them explore a bit before 1988, there could be lots of drama.
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  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Yes. I remember seeing the episodes on 7TWO with Selina's Jeans and her wanting to rip them as they were the 'in' thing and Irene telling her no and her doing it anyway and Irene cutting crook at her. I also remember, or is this 1994, the debate thing, where two of the school girls had to debate, and they had to support the side that they actually oppose.
  6. Ok, so it starts tonight here in Australia. I'm bringing it up again as is the annual tradition. I'm of course hoping for full open titles, except I know that's unlikely. So, what's your thoughts as to what will happen. Maybe a new 8 second bumper with the End parts of the theme as we've seen since 2018, or maybe a 15 second theme, or even a 30 second version, or maybe a 1 minute version? I'm at least hoping for some fresh bumpers, though I'd love to see the various characters in the theme and have it be longer, even if only for Monday's or longer episodes or the first one back.
  7. Yes, and even then, we don't really get good School storylines with just average stuff anymore. I also want less of a police officer presence on the show, not because of a hate of police, but because it seems like the show always seems to need a 'token' police role.
  8. I think a new Diner, or at least somewhat of a refresh, so reintroduce the jukebox, update the original logo that was used in the 80s and 90s. This could just be a little update that Irene and Leah do, maybe not a disaster or fire that does it. Rebalance: The Hospital seems to have been used more and more over the last 15-20 years, back in the 80s and 90s they rarely had health issues, or they just went off screen to an ordinary GP if it was minor. It was a big deal when the Hospital was seen. The School was also shown more back then. We don't have to have more teens necessarily that are
  9. I believe Home and Away should put every episode of every season up until around the end of 2008 on 7Plus as the first 20 years of the show. Alternately, they could go until the end of 2009. Either way, it would be great to relive episodes that aren't all drama or full on happy, just average episodes. It would also be great for storylines like Sally's near wedding to Kieran in 2000, that are not currently on 7Plus, as I want to watch it, and older characters came back and I have found the episode before the wedding but in low quality. This would allow 7 to show 'high quality' versions of
  10. Totally agree. They've kept storylines stepped up like it has been since the 2000s but they have also reintroduced some of the calmer elements and some of the comedy has come back the past two years as well. Strangely enough, this year they seem to be accepting and celebrating their heritage as well. They do it on Facebook sometimes and they have the theme song back.
  11. Yes, I'm loving the second half, hopefully it gets a season 2.
  12. You have a point. And what good was Cricket on 7 anyway, people were so upset with the coverage and much of it was on Foxtel (Pay TV) The ABC has had so many stupid funding cuts from the Government in the past 6 years, but they still make some great dramas and Comedies.
  13. I voted for Maggie as favourite and Ben as least favourite, but if I'm honest I only did that because I had to put a least favourite.
  14. True, except for maybe the 80s/90s where it was mostly teens or early 20s.
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