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  1. Neighbours is about to have a crossover with fellow, but long gone Aussie Soap Prisoner, known internationally as Prisoner: Cell Block H. I am so excited for this.
  2. David Deex


    Hi, Salt is a fictional restaurant, and as such is a set, however, on screen it is part of Summer Bay Surf Club, the exterior of which is filmed at Palm Beach Surf Lifesaving Club. Unfortunately you won't be able to go to the set where all the scenes in rooms, restaurants, the diner etc. are filmed, but you can visit the Surf club exterior. Hope this helped.
  3. David Deex

    Expanded storylines of past and forgotten characters.

    Kyle: Got out of prison and gets with Isla. Ricky, Brax and Casey Jnr: Settled in Palm Cove, Casey starts Kindergarten and Ricky starts to work a little bit more. Brax takes an office job for the time being as there aren't many other jobs. Carly and Ben Lucini: Had children, and now in their 40's, enjoying their careers.
  4. I have downloaded and shortened the original theme to 7 seconds, it just has closer each day, home and away. I added a fade-out which sounds good. I am not sure how to put it online, but if I can work it out I will post the link here. It actually would sound great on TV nowadays.
  5. I voted for Isla, I liked her. I know she isn't popular, but they did have charisma together that I liked.
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  8. Definitely interesting. I think she is probably right and 7 will likely change MKR to 7:30 once H&A comes back.
  9. Yes, but look at most of the shows on around 8:30, they have more drama. If the show went overboard with Drama and killings and stabbings and guns it would be disastrous, as it just wouldn't be H&A anymore. It wouldn't even be like the Braxton years, it would be much, much more dramatic. I think they should leave it on at 7 PM, that timeslot is a reasonable time for families but still allows a lot of Drama. 7 would be silly to put it on at 8:30, as they would want to put on all the M rated shows in that time, and H&A shouldn't go M.
  10. I think that Home and Away would have to be more dramatic to be shown later at night, it would destroy the heart of the show.
  11. I really hope they don't put it on at 8:30, as that may mean they have plans for ramped up drama, with villains and all being a constant part of the show, plus, 8:30 isn't as family friendly. This would not be acceptable whatsoever. A timeslot change to 6:30 would fail, simply because many of us watch both Neighbours and Home and Away. I'm not completely opposed to changing it to being on 7TWO, but tend to not agree, as ratings will likely fall. They should just have it return at 7PM. I just hope this isn't going to happen every year.
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  14. David Deex

    Most Popular Character 2018

    My guess is for the top 3: 1. Morag Bellingham or Alf Stewart 2. Sally Fletcher, Alf Stewart or Morag Bellingham, and same for 3. I don't think Sally will leave the top 3, but I do think she might not be number 1 anymore. I think either Alf or Morag, Alf because it's the 30th and he has been around since the pilot, and Morag at least partly because of Cornelia Frances' Death. I think maybe she could be number 1 in memorial of Conelia. Sally hasn't been on the show for a while, and while Morag hasn't either, she was brought back to everyone's minds.
  15. Possibly, it wouldn't surprise me especially considering the colour.

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