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  1. Or they could just cut the recap to 20 seconds, I don't need a minute to be reminded of what happened last episode, thank you very much. The recaps are what's taking the most time, and if it's time they're worried about, well something has got to give and it's not the opening credits.
  2. I am very intrigued in how he convinces... whoever's running Angelo's to change everything about the restaurant from the name to the kitchen sink. The way he criticizes food makes me thinks he's going to be all snooty and force the change, but I hope he mellows out by the time the change comes.
  3. There was probably nothing in it, but when Justin told Mason not to call Tori mum, a stupid, crazy, and illogical thought came. What if Tori is actually Mason's mother? would be a great twist (can't be too soon after Ruby/Charlie). Just a stupid, crazy, and illogical thought.
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