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  1. (Not sure if spoiler tags are needed but just in case)
  2. I never thought of her until you brought her up, but now I definitely agree!
  3. Could not have said it better ?? pity that VJ's first proper girlfriend had to be Billie, but everything happens for a reason...
  4. I'm over Billie lying to VJ; it's getting boring and repetitive now, and I feel as if HAA are ruining a very good character (Billie). Pairing Billie with VJ also ruined the character for me.
  5. I love her so far! I agree with everyone above in saying that I hope they bring more actors her age in!
  6. I'm the same, Hope is honestly an immensely boring character. The acting and delivery of some of her lines falls flat in my eyes, but maybe that's just me?
  7. ah, thank you! I'm never really too sure sometimes, but thanks for letting me know! She definitely should! However, I doubt she'd be eligible as I think she's been on the show too long to be considered "new"? Hopefully she has a shot with Most Popular Actress, but she'd probably be beaten by someone like Bonnie Sveen who more people know, yet she's just as good.
  8. I'm pretty sure they do still send fan cards to fans, I've been seeing a lot of people post about their own on Instagram
  9. Hmm I guess that makes sense; but I still like to say that she works quite well as Olivia, although her character isn't new.
  10. Mostly sunny woohoo! Around 14 degrees too
  11. Closer - Chainsmokers ft. Halsey such a fantastic song!
  12. In all honesty, Mason really annoys me. The character itself is pretty boring, and the actor tends to show no emotion at all when it comes to anything? I'm not trying to hate on Orpheus, but I really cannot stand Mason at all.
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