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  1. I love it. This story is so good. Poor Martha she's pregnant. I hope you update soon.
  2. I loved that chapter. I liked the way you made Julia an evil stalker. Hope Jackand Martha get back together soon.
  3. I've written to Jodi and I was so pleased whe I got a personalised fancard and letter back from her. I took her around 2 months.
  4. Another great chapter. I hope Jack helps Marta out of there.
  5. Wow, another great chapter. I hope Jack and Martha find their way back to each other soon.
  6. Great story! It's so sweet what Roo's doing to get Jack and Mac back together.
  7. Fantastic story. Can't wait to read the sequel.
  8. wow! another great chapter. I love this story. I hope Jack and Martha get together.
  9. another great chapter. I wonder who was watching them. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  10. wow. i really loved your story. it was great.
  11. great first chapter can't wait for next one.
  12. great chapter i can't wait for the next one
  13. Wow! I absolutely loved your fan fic. It was really good and I really loved the chemistry between Jack ad Martha.
  14. oh my god this story is so good. hope you update it soon.
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