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  1. Howard Stern's Movie Private Parts (1997)
  2. Whatever happened to Steven’s first girlfriend Sandra
  3. I’m glad you enjoyed it I’m going to write a new fan fic soon because I’m not actually satisfied of how I started writing this fan fic. my new fan fic will be an improvement of this fan fic
  4. I have an important announcement 

    I'm going to discontinue writing Home and Away The Early Years Redux.

    The reason why I made this decision is because I'm not happy with how it turned out, but that doesn't mean my ideas are dead. 

    I'm going to write a new fanfic set in 1988 the fan fic itself will be a standalone story.   

  5. Chapter 3 Morning 7:40 am As Sally was getting her cereal she notices Steven is watching a Movie in the lounge room Sally then walks over to Steven Sally: What are you watching Steven? Steven: Bliss Sally: what's Bliss about? Steven: Bliss is about a guy named Harry Joy who has a near death experience and when he comes back things are not quite the same for Harry Joy Sally: why does Harry Joy's Car look squashed? Steven: Because an Elephant sat on it Sally then laughs Steven: I don't think you should watching this Movie with Me Sally because this Movie is Rated M Tom then walks in Tom: Steven what did I tell you about watching M Rated Movies when Sally is Around Sally: why are the Policemen beating up Mr. Joy Tom: Steven turn it off Now Steven: Sorry Tom My Mistake Steven turns offs the VHS Player and takes the Bliss Tape out and puts it back in its case Sally: Tom is it possible for an Elephant to sit on someone's Car? Tom: I guess so Sal just as long I hope it doesn't sit on my Car because I would have to pay a lot to get it replaced Sally then laughs Tom: Well I gotta go now and help Alf with putting up the new sign at the Surf Club bye Sal Sally: don't forget to say bye to Milko Tom: Don't worry Sal I was just about to bye to Milko aswell, Bye Milko Tom kisses Sally on the cheek then pats her on the head Tom: You kids be good. if Pippa is looking for me tell her that I'm at the Surf Club helping Alf putting up the new sign bye Sally: Bye End Of Chapter 3
  6. Red Dawn (1984) Bliss (1985) Bad Taste (1987) Meet The Feebles (1989) Braindead (1992) Alvin Purple (1973) Stone (1974)
  7. Chapter 2 3 Months later after Tom Fletcher has been retrenched from his job and now resides in summer bay with his wife Pippa and foster children. Tom wanted what was best for his foster children and Tom and Pippa would do anything to keep there foster children. Tom and Pippa love there foster children Tom and Pippa always treat there foster children like if they were there real children. It was 11pm at night then Tom and Pippa woke up by the sound of Sally screaming Tom and Pippa then rushed to Sally's Bedroom Pippa comforts Sally Pippa Sally what's wrong Sally I had a nightmare that the whole world was under communism and there was posters that says Big Brother is watching you Tom Sal George Orwell's 1984 is only a book and we have both agreed it was only book (Sally smiles with a cheeky grin on her face) Sally I know Tom then tickles Sally after the fun Pippa tucks Sally in her bed then Tom and Pippa give Sally a goodnight kiss Tom then turns off the lights Tom and Pippa had Adopted Sally Recently so 17 year old Dodge would stop tormenting Sally. Dodge Moved in with the fletcher's one month he no longer lives with the fletchers because of criminal acts he cause around summer bay and he is now in juvenile prison End Of Chapter 2 The next chapter will be longer
  8. It's my story I don't tell you how you write your stories so don't tell me how I write mine. I had put a lot of effort into writing this chapter I'm just writing my own Verison There will be differences in my story I decided my story is going to be delayed untill I get my way of writing it the way I want to because I'm trying to retell the whole story and I put so much effort into writing it chapter 1 part 2 it took me two weeks to write because I was thinking of the best way to write it
  9. Chapter 1 Part 2 6:30 pm Pippa and the kids just finished singing happy birthday to Tom and Tom felt very happy Tom Now Turning 40 for some men is like a threat end of there youth and all that sort of thing . But for me Looking round me it's just the start (Tom feeling very happy) I have a terrific wife the best and I'm serious mate ( Pippa gives Tom a kiss on the cheek) I have Five top kids . Frank, Carly, Lynn, Steven and Sally. But what could I say Sally What about Milco (Note: Milco is Sally's imaginary Friend) Tom Ohh sorry how could I forgot him. Milco too sorry mate. We've had our ups and downs getting to know each other hadn't we. We'il probably have some more too. But I think I'm a pretty lucky bloke. Since I just turned 40 all I like to say is I'm looking forward for the next 40 I'm looking forward to seeing you all grow up and maybe have kids of your own and have your own 40th birthdays . See there's nothing to worry about here with getting on and not with much love as I have and I love you all the same way. We better cut that cake hey Sally I want the biggest pice the next day Tom just arrived at the office and then sits at his disk and starts up his Macintosh Plus computer then his boss Ben approach him Ben Can I see you in my office please Tom Tom Whatever it is I'm innocent (Tom thought his boss Ben was joking around. by the look of Ben's face he wasn't) Tom Why do I need to see you in your office what's it about Ben It's not good. Come in to the office End of Chapter 1 part 2
  10. I assure you and promised that future chapters will be longer
  11. Chapter 1 Part 1 1988 Ten years later Pippa had just finished putting the icing on the cake for her husband Tom's 40th Birthday then Frank walk into the kitchen Frank Hows it going Pippa Fine (Pippa then picks up and then shows Frank a small inch icing figure that resembles him) think he looks like you Frank No not hansome enough (Frank giggles) See ya Pippa Bye (Pippa then puts the small inch icing figures on Tom's Birthday Cake) Frank, Carly, Lynn, Sally and Steven (Pippa then says to herself more like five is Sufficient Mr. Jarvis
  12. Thank you for your complement and I will update as I can
  13. Prologue Part 2 Later at the department of child services Mr. Jarvis was sitting at his desk putting files order then the telephone rang then picks up the phone Mr. Jarvis Hello Gordan Jarvis ceo of child services speaking . Yes send them in Mr. Jarvis walks to the door then opens the door and greets Tom and Pippa Fletcher Mr. Jarvis Hello Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher come on in and have a seat make yourselves comfortable Mr. Jarvis puts his classes on and then opens filling cabinet then looks through the f section then picks up a file that says Frank Morgan. Mr. Jarvis starts reading Frank's file then hands it to Tom and Pippa Mr. Jarvis Have a look at that. Frank is a very difficult child Tom How difficult Mr. Jarvis three arrest by the time your eight is not a bad go. remind you of his background I'm not surprised his father in and out jail and mother an alcoholic. I hope you know what your taking on Pippa We never thought it would be easy Mr. Jarvis Look fostering this sort of child (Tom then interrupts before Mr. Jarvis could finished his sentence) Tom Yes we do know Mr. Jarvis that's why we're here. Any more you got like him here Pippa We'il just be as happy to take them Mr. Jarvis I'll think you'il find as one sufficient Tom We'll find your wrong End of prologue part 2
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