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  1. ? I agree with everything you said. A lot of people thought that it would be Maddy cheating on Oscar but that isn't the case. It is Oscar who cheats by kissing Asia, as it was shown in todays episode. I don't feel sorry for Oscar, Maddy does have feelings for Matt but she isn't acting on them. Matt said in tonights episode how hard it is, and she replied "try harder". She doesn't want to cheat on Oscar. Maddy knows that her and Oscar have been through a lot, she said so to Matt. Oscar is the one who cheats and we are meant to feel sorry for him. I don't feel sorry for Oscar
  2. I agree with what you said. I am looking forward to Wednesdays episode, we have Matt and Maddy scenes. I loved the preview for tomorrow. Also, can't believe that
  3. I love Matt and Maddy. I loved them last week.. they have so much chemistry. Oscar is just annoying, he just really annoys me so much. Here are the Magazine scans, posted by QuietAchiever. Includes Maddy/Matt/Oscar spoilers.
  4. I know that Oscar will be hurt at the beginning but I am sure he will get over it. Oscar is a good guy, I hope that Matt/Maddy don't do anything until Maddy/Oscar break up. I know that not everyone will like them as a couple, but I am really looking forward to them as a new couple. I totally agree with your post. I do agree with the fact that Maddy will realise soon that Matt is a great guy for her. I wish she would have realised when Evie was trying to set them up. I wish that Maddy/Oscar didn't get back together, there was no point. It was obvious that they were going
  5. Personally, I have never liked Maddy and Oscars relationship. Yes, he is a great guy, I just can't see the chemistry between them. Matt and Maddy are not together, their scenes have so much chemistry. Yes, Matt wasn't a nice guy, people do change, Matt has grown up sooo much. He is a good friend to Maddy, Oscar etc. Yes, he likes Maddy, but he didn't do anything, he tried to forget his feelings but the heart doesn't let him. Yes, I agree with your post. People change, Matt has changed a lot, he has grown up a lot. I didn't like him when he first came but now he is
  6. Hey. I love these two characters, I love their friendship. They have had so many cute, fun, adorable moments. These past few months, they have grown really close. I just want them to get together. Anyone else want them to get together?
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