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  1. Great ending! You've certainly paired everyone off! Except Irene and Alf it seems... Really liked that Maddy came back for Roo's wedding. Liked Oscar and Maddy's chat, though I still find it a bit cruel that Evie doesn't know her twin is actually alive. Sid and Tori sounds like a good idea, though now Brody has to add his sister and his girlfriends father to the flow chart. And I'm so glad Roo's wedding went smoothly. Sounds like a happy ending for everyone! Thanks for sharing
  2. Great chapter! Surprised at how quickly Roo and Frank have moved. But it makes sense if they're having a baby and love each other. Hope it lasts! (and with one chapter left it looks promising) Liked Brody and Indi. And liked that both Cheryl and Darcy have seemingly accepted April and Heath. Looking forward to more!
  3. Great chapter! Josh is certainly brave doing that! But I'm glad it stopped Alexei from doing more damage. The way Alexei continues to talk about himself in third person, even while in a huge amount of pain is something else though Hope Josh isn't found out, or he might be in even more trouble than before. I also liked the mention of Josh's survival instinct kicking in. The first scene with Kyle, Aaron and Josh was heartbreaking. You could see that Josh was broken. But then he woke up to his surroundings and knew what he wanted to do. Love how supportive both Kyle and Aaron were. And poor Kyle and Aaron are going to be broken in a few days Nice to get more insight into their relationship and how their romance (if you can call it that?) started. Looking forward to more!
  4. Great chapter! That scene with Kyle and Aaron was very sad You could feel how much Kyle was hurting. Really dreading Aaron leaving because I'm afraid Kyle will become quite depressed. And its the opposite in Josh's cell Worse than Kyle's situation in a very different way. Poor guy! Something needs to be done, quickly, because I don't think Josh can suffer anymore. Glad Ricky is going in to help Josh. Wonder if its going to go smoothly... Looking forward to more!
  5. Great chapter! Nice moment between April and Heath. I think they could work out, especially with little Chandler. But If April wants Bianca in her life in anyway it may be rough getting there.. Roo's "Be careful what you wish for" really highlighted what was to come. Wonder how she's going to cope. And Billie, VJ and little Stefan with the diner ladies was really cute. Loved Irene and Leah fawning over the baby. Looking forward to more!
  6. Great chapter! Really, really loving Kyle and Aaron! And Kyle said those three words, which was wonderful. Doesn't change the fact that he's leaving though... Continue to like how worried Kyle is about Josh. And Josh's misery continues, as well as his lying in order to try and protect himself. At least Alexei's guard found it funny. Hoping Josh's plan works out, whatever it is... And i hope that Brax is able to help too. I think Ricky will be on board, eventually. Looking forward to more!
  7. Great chapter! Wow, that scene in the showers was really quite awful. Was obviously very scary for Josh, and then he really did realise that he's essentially someone else's property...With the physical trauma, as well as the psychological, I'm not sure how much more he can take. So glad Brax can help. Ricky might not be happy but what did she expect? Continuing to love Kyle and Aaron And Kyle nearly told him he love him. I hope he'll get the chance again. Really looking forward to more!
  8. Great chapter! I'm liking the idea of parents April and Health, and Billie and VJ being friends. Though yes Heath may feel a little old... Sad to see Chris go, but I'm glad he's leaving happy. Will miss his relationship with Irene. I think that flow chart will need updates on a continual basis, and Brody might just be adding himself... Looking forward to more
  9. Great chapter! Continue to love Kyle and Aaron. Aaron is just really supportive and loving, and it really complements Kyle's generosity well. The contrast between Kyle and Aaron's family is apparent, but I'm glad Aaron is going home to a family that loves him and misses him. Kyle's family just seem to push him aside...Felt really sorry for Kyle in that scene with Brax, especially when he was thinking about little Casey. Alexei just gets worse, even when he sort of backs off...Somehow he is able to be threatening, creepy and scary when he's 'taking things slow'. It was good that Josh lied, but I don't think Alexei will hold off for long. Hope this plan works! Looking forward to more!
  10. Great chapter! Kyle and Aaron are very sweet! Very cute together. And I continue to love how much Kyle cares about Josh. Getting himself beaten up for him? Going to prison in the first place to protect a women he barely knew? Kyle is certainly selfless. But he still can't say the words I love You Maybe he'll be able to just before Aaron leaves? Josh's attitude is what you would expect all things considered. Hope Kyle's plan works out.. Looking forward to more!
  11. Great chapter! Poor Josh! I understand him not telling the doctor what really happened, and its hard to know a way that its going to be resolved. At least Kyle has a plan though. Loving how protective and worried Kyle is. And I loved his chat with Aaron, who seems like a nice bloke. You have been nice to Kyle indeed and I like that Kyle is still struggling with being with Aaron and his leaving soon. Must be hard to have a relationship in prison, but it sounds like they have a good thing going. For now at least... Looking forward to more!
  12. Great chapter! Glad the married couples are happy Its refreshing that VJ told Billie about Olivia and she took it well. And I liked Sid welcoming Lottie into the family. Meanwhile things have certainly moved fast for Sasha and Chris. And Roo and Frank. Wonder if its going to last... Looking forward to more
  13. Great chapter! Alexei sounds lovely doesn't he?! Way to end the chapter on a high note! Really liked Josh telling Kyle about everything that has happened in Summer Bay. Shame that Brax and everyone else have essentially forgotten about Kyle Nice to see Kyle continuing to support Josh though. And I liked that you explained how Josh found his new girlfriend Its certainly in character for him to lie about that, rather than actually find a new girlfriend while on the run Looking forward to more!
  14. Wow! Great start! Very interesting idea, and I'm glad Kyle and Josh have found a friend. The prison sounds horrible. Wonder how Kyle has been going. They both seem really happy to have each other. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
  15. Great chapter! It was nice of Dexter's sisters to come. And was surprised at Sasha and Chris, looks like that flow chart needs even more work Lovely wedding, and I'm glad April and Heath's baby is healthy and has a name. Looking forward to more
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