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  1. Days of our Lives is bringing out a miniseries which features multiple former characters returning. I was wondering if a Home and Away miniseries or telemovie would work? I know there have been a few specials but they’ve involved recent characters. I was wondering if they could try and bring back as many former characters as possible. I’m imagining it being similar to the ferry disaster that aired in the early 00s where multiple past characters returned and were involved in a big storyline/disaster.
  2. Does anyone know if there was any closure between Sophie and Karen? If not why? From what I remember, Sophie and Karen were very close friends. I can't remember exactly what they were like during Karen's later "off the rails" stages though. Sophie was gone for a few weeks after David's death so Karen was arrested and gone before Sophie returned to the bay. I remember Sophie was very angry at anyone who was slightly responsible or kept her away from David (so I'm assuming she wouldn't be happy with the person who actually killed David haha). But even on rewatch I don't think there were any special scenes where Sophie reflected on her best friend killing David or her thoughts on Karen. They certainly never met in person afterwards. We then had Karen return 2 years later but Sophie had left for Perth just beforehand. It seemed almost planned that Sophie and Karen weren't going to cross paths again because Sophie's departure and Karen's return were so close together. We once again never got any closure or any thoughts from either of the girls. They could have even had Karen reflect on killing her best friend's boyfriend. We then had Blake and Sophie become a couple years later. Was Sophie and Karen's situation ever brought up now they are in-laws? Unless Blake and Karen went their separate ways, the two girls had to have crossed paths at some point. It seems strange that the show never delved deeply into Sophie and Karen's relationship. It almost seemed deliberately ignored.
  3. Does anyone have a list of all the students who have repeated year 12? It seems at least 1 member of each teen group.
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