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  1. masterjai30

    Characters that flopped.

    There was a character called Tim O'Connell who was in the show during 1997.He was a teenage fisherman who fell for Sally and was going to become a main character according to what i read at the time.Then for some reason he was hastily written out by becoming Sally's stalker.
  2. masterjai30

    1996 Episode Discussion

    I don't know if anyone else has noticed but why has Jack's appearance changed so much?He looks very different to when he arrived only a couple of years before.
  3. masterjai30

    1996 Episode Discussion

    Yes i remember this well i was 15 at the time.Doesn't time fly?
  4. masterjai30

    Latest UK Episode Discussion (2006-2017 Seasons)

    It's strange though because I saw a scene on YouTube which took place just after Charlie's death.It was in Angelo's and Heath was taunting Brax about Charlie and Brax suddenly jumps up and headbutts Heath.On channel 5 though it just looked like a scuffle and the way it was edited I couldn't tell anything had been cut.
  5. Can you imagine if Vinnie and Chris Harrington had met?That would have been a great opportunity for a comedy double act like Lance and Martin.
  6. masterjai30

    1995 Episode Discussion

    I've just watched the bee sting episode and I'd forgotten how eerie it was.I also had to laugh at the scene in the store with Curtis and Selina behind the counter because if this happened in the current show they'd be tearing each others clothes off.
  7. masterjai30

    1995 Episode Discussion

    I noticed that and I was amazed it got left in.
  8. masterjai30

    1995 Episode Discussion

    I agree especially when he says "me old mate Stevo".I actually find myself chuckling along watching his scenes and I would say he really is a villain we love to hate.
  9. masterjai30

    1995 Episode Discussion

    I realize now how much itv cut out of that car crash.The scene was missing all the driving and actual crash and started with the car on it's side.
  10. masterjai30

    1995 Episode Discussion

    I live in the UK so won't be able to watch these episodes.I was 14/15 years old in 1995 and can honestly say i've never enjoyed a show as much as Home And Away during that year.I hope people who were either too young or didn't watch back then see these episodes and enjoy the show i grew up loving and sadly doesn't exist anymore.
  11. masterjai30

    Latest UK Episode Discussion (2006-2017 Seasons)

    Now i have been a Home And Away fan for 25 years and after todays episode i don't know if i'll be saying that much longer.First of all Matt and Charlotte out of breath and her saying "i needed that" is so unnecessary and sleazy.I hate the way the show is so obsessed with sex nowadays.My other problem with todays episode is Nate and Kat.He disgusted me the way no sooner had he left Kat devastated he heads straight over to Ricky to kiss her.I really think most of the characters are morally bankrupt.I would like to think the show could one day get back to what it was but to be honest i can't see that happening.

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