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  1. Great fanfiction Ben and Ziggy helping leah I like Update soon
  2. Dare to dream John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John
  3. I like him he does loves Maggie and his family it good to see ash never fogive easily ever at least Ben don't thump other
  4. Yes I never be a fan character get away with too much
  5. I need to update life be busy any idea for the story please PM me
  6. The character is a bully who turned me off the show. Irene's drinking was 20 years ago. He should be in GOAL and now has left the baby alone in the flat. He doesn't deserve Luc.
  7. Good start is this around when Amanda and the baker boys were around
  8. "Tess, are you sure you're right to be here?" Brenda asked a few months later. Tess nodded taking Riley's hand. " Ben didn't get charged," Tess whispered "You're safe, I'm here," Riley said rubbing her back. Tess forced a smile at Riley who had beed nothing but the perfect fiancé. "I'm scared he'll hurt me again. It sound crazy, right?" Tess whispered avoiding Riley's eyes. "None of this is your fault," Brenda said. Riley put an arm around Tess's shoulder. "I should have been there to protect you," Riley said. Tess glanced at Riley. "I don't blame you babe. This is not your fault," Tess whispered. Riley was driving home with Tess staring out the window. "Don't leave me Riley," Tess whispered. "Hey, that will never happen. Do you feel like a pizza?" Riley said. " So how's the counselling going?" Tasha asked as they sat down for lunch. " Tess did so good today," Riley replied as Ben walked in. "Long time no see Miss Lee. Still telling the cops I raped you?, lying cow you are," Ben said. "Can we go please Riley," Tess said taking Riley's hand. " I can bring the food around," Tasha said. Thanks Tasha," Riley said then he and Tess walked out. "I can't believe you didn't deck him Riley," Jack said handing his friend a beer. "Believe me it was hard not to but Tess didn't need me to go punching him," Riley replied. "How's the counselling going?" Jack asked. " Your sister is so strong it amazes me sometimes," Riley replied. Tess was in the bath when Riley came in. " Feeling better? I'm so sorry he's still not been punished," Riley said sitting on the bath Tess kissed Riley softly. Riley washed her back and she relaxed feeling safe. "I love you, Riley, " Tess whispered. "I love you too Tess," Riley said, then kissed her forehead. Tess smiled. "I'm sorry we haven't made love lately. Its not you'," Tess whispered. " Don't even think about that. I wont push babe," Riley whispered. Tess touched Riley's cheek. " I know. That's why I love you so much," Tess whispered. Riley kissed her again. "I'll love you too forever baby don't ever forget that," Riley said. A few months later Tess was kissing Riley on the lounge as her brothers had all gone for the weekend. Riley was running kisses down her neck. Tess pulled at Riley's shirt " You okay?" Riley asked. Tess pulled Riley's shirt off. " Yes I'm good," Tess replied then kissed him lovingly. Riley undid Tess's dress, ran kisses down her neck and unclipped her bra. Tess smiled at him. "Let's go to our bedroom," Tess whispered. Riley picked her up and carried her to their room. Riley was stroking Tess's bare back a few hours later. Tess was smiling then pulled Riley close and kissed him lovingly. Riley's phone began ringing. "Leave it honey," Tess whispered then ran kisses down his neck Riley flip them over in bed so he was on top looking down at his beautiful fiancé. " You're so beautiful Tess," Riley whispered in her ear stroking her back. Tess kissed Riley again lay in his arms and went to asleep
  9. Not a new update stuck on the next part writing block hopeful I can update by the end of the week.
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