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  1. This is good Hope u continued this
  2. Wow he was so young RIP in peace sending thoughts and prayers to his family and friends
  3. Save Tori shoot Ricky Donald/ Justin
  4. Great fanfiction Ben and Ziggy helping leah I like Update soon
  5. Dare to dream John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John
  6. I like him he does loves Maggie and his family it good to see ash never fogive easily ever at least Ben don't thump other
  7. Yes I never be a fan character get away with too much
  8. I need to update life be busy any idea for the story please PM me
  9. The character is a bully who turned me off the show. Irene's drinking was 20 years ago. He should be in GOAL and now has left the baby alone in the flat. He doesn't deserve Luc.
  10. Good start is this around when Amanda and the baker boys were around
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