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  1. Give me a few days t o update I be busy with work Thanks for the support
  2. Save Tori shoot Ricky Donald/ Justin
  3. Will anyone continues to read it I write more had computer issues for months
  4. Great fanfiction Ben and Ziggy helping leah I like Update soon
  5. Maggie got out of bed a few night later hearing Raffy calling out to her. "I get it, you stay in bed Maggs," Ben said. "I'm fine Ben, Raffy is probably having another bad dreaming," Maggie announced. Maggie enter Raffy and Coco's bedoom "Raffy said Justin called today," Coco announced. " He did. He'll be in Summerbay tomorrow" Raffy replied "First I heard of it," Maggie said. "He called here earlier, you were out, he's coming home," Raffy replied. Maggie looked at her husband. They hadn't heard from Justin for three years, not long after the Morgan's parents died . " Why did Justin take off? He's my big brother, I need him?" Raffy asked " I'm not sure honey," Ben replied tucking Raffy back in . Tori sat at the beach in the Astonis kitchen the next afternoon. "Phoebe called me. She said it was time for me to come home," Justin announced. " Phoebe knows where you've been all this time?" Tori asked. " Yes, I just couldn't deal with Mum and dad's death. I was barely twenty one," Justin replied. " So you left us. Thanks to Ben and Maggie I didn't have to drop out of uni. We needed you," Tori snapped. " I'm sorry, I've got a lot to make up, maybe we can all move into a house. I'll be working with Ash," Justin announced. " No, Maggie and Ben got custody of Brody, Mason and Raffy. You don't come in and want to be a family again after three years," Tori snapped. " Tori it's okay, Justin is coming back one day. We had a feeling it would happen you guys, we need to talk," Ben said. " No, I'm staying with Ben and Maggie. They've be here for us," Brody said. " But I'm your brother, we need each other," Justin said. "Please Tori, Brody here, Justin out," Phoebe announced entering the kitchen with Ash. "I'm late for work, night shift," Tori replied then left. " Justin back?" Jason asked as he and Tori got a coffee during their break. " Yes, you didn't know where he's been did you Jas? Tori asked. "No I wouldn't keep something like that from you," Jason replied. " You've always been a great friend to me, " Tori announced smiling at Jason. " That's me, the great friend," Jason replied rolling his eyes. " So what happend with the date with Katie last week? You never told me?" Tori asked. " Boring it was Tori, Katie wasn't my type," Jason replied. " I'm sorry you had never found someone special. You're a great guy," Tori said " Trust me. I like someone for years, she had a boyfriend so I backed off," Jason replied. " Oh I'm so sorry. So you're friends with this woman?" Tori asked. " Great mates. I almost asked her out in uni but my friend who knew I liked her asked her out first," Jason said. " Jason likes me. Why didn't I see this?" Tori thought. Jason kissed Tori suddenly. Tori was surprised. She kissed him back. " I'm so sorry, we're friends," Jason said then left "JASON," Tori shouted after him. Tori tried to concentrate on work. Tori saw Jason in the locker room. " We need to talk," Tori said. " I get it Tori. You're not into me, I should never have said anything," Jason replied. " I need time, Jas, Ash cheated on me with one of my friends," Tori said. " He never was faithful to you. It was not the first time he cheated on you. When we were in New Zealand last year he hooked up with his new friend Melanie," Jason snapped. "WHAT? YOU'RE KIDDING!" Tori shouted "I should have told you. I was trying to protect you," Jason said. Tori stormed out. "TORI," Jason shouted. Tori found Ash and Melanie in the surf club. " YOU SLEPT WITH MELANIE. YOU LIED TO ME. YOU'RE WELCOME TO THIS JERK. WE'RE OVER FOR GOOD!" Tori screamed. " I will killed Jason. You were never to find out," Ash announced. Tori left Tori ripped up all her photos of her and Ash in her room. " STUPID TORI, ASH NEVER LOVED ME!" Tori shouted bursting into tears. "Jason, how does Tori know about me and Mel?" Ash asked. " I told her you never deserved her," Jason snapped. " Well she dumped me. I hope you're happy," Ash said "We going to the movies. Are you really not working tonight?" Raffy asked Tori on Saturday night. "Yes, I am taking you, Coco Mason and you for the night. We'll get pizza for tea," Tori said. "Pizza yeah," Coco replied. " Well I'll give you money Tori, just be home by ten," Ben said. " So you're really ending the thing with Ash. I'm sorry," Ziggy announced. "Zig, why don't you come? Tori asked. "I'm not ten," Ziggy replied. " You and Brody can go see something else, I'd like you to come Zig," Tori said. " Be back in ten minutes," Ziggy replied running upstairs. Maggie laughed at Ziggy. "I think Ziggy might like Brody," Raffy announced " If they get married we'll be sisters for real," Coco added. "They're not even eighteen. They won't be getting married anytime soon," Ben replied. "Brody turns eighteen next Saturday," Mason announced as the doorbell rang. Ben came back with Jason. "Hi Tori," Jason said. " Jason, I'm busy tonight. I need to spend time with my siblings," Tori announced. "Jason can come. He remembered my birthday this year. Ash never cared about us," Mason said Jason smiled. " Okay Ben and Maggie, you guys are welcome too," Tori said. " We have plan a night alone," Maggie announced smiling at Ben. Maggie relaxed in Ben's arms as they watched a movie. " Nice to have a night alone Ben,'' Maggie whisper. Ben kissed Maggie softly . Maggie put her arms around Ben's neck as they kissed deeper. Ben's mobile started ringing "Ignore it honey," Ben whisper then kissed Maggie again Maggie smiled as they lay in bed. "Kids aren't home yet?" Ben asked looking at the clock. It was after 11. Ben got out of bed and grabbed his mobile. "Maggs, there's been an accident," Ben announced grabbing his pants. Maggie got dressed and she and Ben rushed to the hospital. " You've be drinking and drove," Officer John Stevens announced to Ash. " I wanted to talked to my GIRLFRIEND," Ash snapped. " You broke Coco and Raffy's arm. I hope you're happy," Tori snapped. " I'm sorry but Jason is only using you," Ash said. "Just go Ash," Ben snapped as Maggie raced to the girls.
  6. Dare to dream John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John
  7. I did like Peter Baker, Charlie and I do like Colby so far
  8. I like him he does loves Maggie and his family it good to see ash never fogive easily ever at least Ben don't thump other
  9. Justin took of a few years ago you have to wait and see
  10. I going to have another main character Roo I like her and Maggie friendship on the show
  11. Thankyou to Kristen, Pembie, Sarah, Tori1983, KKB for all your nice comments and a big thankyou to John who be helping me THANK YOU. "Ziggy, time to get up school today," Maggie announced coming into the room. "Five more minutes Mum," Ziggy moaned pulling the blankets over her face. "No, now get up or you'll be late on your first day of year 12," Maggie replied turning on the light. "Fine, are you driving us?," Ziggy asked. "I can't, I've got to take Coco and Raffy. It's their first day of school, you can go with Brody or take the bus," Maggie replied " I can cope with going with Brody. My driving test is at the end of next week," Ziggy announced . " So how are you going to passed this time Zig?" Brody asked. " Yes you know I am going to need a car for my birthday in six weeks," Ziggy replied. "My birthday is in four weeks ,can I have a party Maggie?" Brody asked. "Sure, you and Zig can have a joint party at Salt," Maggie replied. " We always have joint parties," Ziggy moaned. " That's fine, I don't mind Zig and I can share," Brody replied smiling at Ziggy then grabbing his bag. " So are you inviting Jarod? Did you two make up yet?" Brody asked. " Yes it was a misunderstanding. I've got a great boyfriend who is going to be school captain this year," Ziggy replied. " Yeah right, Jarod has no chance against me Zig. I worked hard the past few years. I want to be school captain," Brody announced. Ziggy glanced at Brody. She really had to give Brody credit for getting this far without breaking down. It had been four years since his parents were killed in an car accident. "How do you do it, be so brave?" Ziggy asked suddenly. "I have to for Mason and Raff," Brody replied shocked at Ziggy's question. Brody pulled into the student packing area. " Thanks for the lift Brody, good luck for school captain," Ziggy said. Brody smiled at her. " Any time and thanks for being nice Zig. Maybe we can try to be friends like we used to be," Brody said. Ziggy smiled at Brody. "Tori, open up, we need to talk", Ash said knocking on the door . Tori opened up the door and handed him a box. "What's this?" Ash asked. "All your stuff that's here. We're over remember", Tori replied. "Fine. Do you want to throw out what we have? See if I care," Ash snapped taking the box and leaving. " Why are women so confusing , I said I'm sorry?" Ash asked. " You did sleep with Phoebe. Can you blame Tori?" Jason replied as they were sitting in the diner having breakfast. "You can talk to her, make her take me back please Jason. You two have always been good mates," Ash said. "Hey, I'm not getting in the middle. I'm running late. Hey have you told Tori about the baby?" Jason asked. "Not yet, I need her to forgive me. Telling her I got Phoebe's pregnant isn't going to win Tori over," Ash replied. "Jas is late again," Tori teased as he entered the locker room " I was having lunch with Ash, he wants you back and wants me to help him win you back," Jason announced. "Like I'm a prize. Sorry I'm not interested," Tori snapped. " Good. I'm glad you're not taking him back," Jason replied then left the locker room. Tori smiled. Breaking up with Ash was the right thing, she needed to be there more for her younger sibling. Maggie called last night and asked her to help with Brody and Ziggy's party. "Brody what's this?" Maggie asked as she, Coco and Mason got home later that afternoon" "Dinner. I want to help out more," Brody announced. " Thank you Brody, how was school?" Maggie asked. "I am going to be school captain, " Brody said " I think you'd do a good job. Who else running?" Mason asked. "Jarod. Mason and I agree. I think Brody would be a great school captain," Maggie announced. " Jarod will win though. His dad has been training him for this year since year four," Ziggy said. Maggie giggled. " That's so true," Maggie added "And Jackson wonders why you dumped him for dad," Ziggy announced. "You dated Jackson Maggie?" Brody asked shocked because they were nothing alike. "When I was seventeen, before I met Ben," Maggie replied. "Well I'm glad you met Ben," Brody announced. "So am I," Maggie replied. ''Maggie, you know Jarod will win. My son is a someone. What is Brody?" Jackson asked barging into Maggie's office. "As a person you're such a snob. You'll never change will you Jackson," Maggie replied. " I think you regret dumping me. You could have a better life," Jackson announced. "Just go Jackson. I will never regret dumping you," Maggie snapped. Jackson walked out slamming the door behind him. "If Jackson keeps annoying you, tell me," Ben whispered putting his arms around Maggie's waist Maggie kissed her husband. "I'm always glad we met. You saved me from a life with Jackson. He would have cheated on me so many times and my parents would have always defended him, " Maggie said " He has money, something Diana always liked," Ben announced "I love you Ben. Money is not everything. I'm happy with you and the kids," Maggie announced then kissed Ben again. " I know I love you too Maggie," Ben whispered. "Brody is school captain. How do I get to recount the votes?" Jackson announced angrily on Friday afternoon. "Brody beat Jackson fair and square, deal with it," Maggie replied. " MY SON IS MORE SUITED TO THE JOB MAGGIE AND YOU KNOW IT," Jackson screamed then hit Maggie across the face as Brody entered the room. "Maggie," Brody said racing to her " Just go," Maggie snapped to Jackson. " I'm fine, stop fussing Tori," Maggie said as Tori checked, her out. " He hit you Maggie" Brody announced. " Well Jackson was fired," Roo Stewart announced entering the room. " I'm not sorry he was fired," Maggie whispered as Ben entered the room. " He hit her. I want him charged," Ben announced. "I'm with Ben on this one Maggs," Roo replied. Maggie nodded. " Zig, my Dad is sorry. I hope your mother is okay," Jarod said dropping Ziggy home. " He hit her Jarod, over Brody being school captain," Ziggy snapped. " Well I was meant to win," Jarod announced. "I'll see you later. You better go," Ziggy replied getting out of the car and going inside. " Zig, your Mum is okay. She wants to see you," Brody announced coming into her bedroom. " Why, this is all my fault," Ziggy whispered. " That's not true Zig," Brody replied. " I'm glad you won Brody," Ziggy thought .
  12. Thanks for the nice comments I am become a big fan of the Astoni and Maggie my favouite
  13. " NEVER AGAIN JAROD! I'M OVER YOU, WE'RE DONE THIS TIME," Ziggy Astoni shouted getting out of his car and stormed inside. " What happened, Zig?" Maggie asked her seventeen year old daughter. " You were right Dad, he's a loser I never want to see Jarod again," Ziggy replied then ran upstairs knocking Brody Morgan toward the wall. " Watch it Zig," Brody snapped. "You two don't start, I finally got Raffy to sleep," Maggie Astoni said looking at her husband. "Maybe Brody can go live with Tori, he's old enough now," Ziggy announced. " ENOUGH ZIG!" Ben shouted. "Sorry Dad, Brody will be gone once he turns eighteen?" Ziggy asked. " No more sharing a bathroom with the princess," Brody teased then laughed. "MUMMY," They heard five year old Raffy scream. " I'll go, Raff is having a nightmare again," Maggie said. "Is she ready for school next week?" Ziggy asked. " Raffy will be fine, she will have Coco with her," Ben replied. "Bet you and Maggie reget taking us in," Mason said walking into the room. " Never Mason, it's getting late, time for bed. Maggie is taking you shopping for school clothes tomorrow," Ben said "Okay I'm looking forward to high school,," Mason announced. "Nerd Mason a mini Brody," Ziggy teased. " I remember you slept in your uniform the night before your first day Ziggy," Ben announced. Mason and Brody laughed. Tori Morgan looked at her phone seeing another missed called from her boyfriend Martin Ashfield. "Stop calling Ash," Tori snapped answering the phone then hanging up. "What did Ash do this time? Tori he does love you," Jason Wright, one of Ash's best friends and Tori's co worker asked. "Really Jason, so he hasn't told you he slept with Phoebe," Tori snapped. "No. he said you were pissed about something," Jason replied feeling sorry for Tori. " You're his friend Jas I just cant forgive him like that," Tori replied. Tori left the staff room. Jason walked into Salt after work and see Ash with a group of their friends. " So is Tori getting over her issue with me?" Ash asked. "You slept with Phoebe?" Jason asked. " Once man, I said I was sorry," Ash announced. "Phoebe's pregnant too," Patrick Ashfield, Ash's brother added. " Can you blame her for being angry? You got your girlfriend's best friend pregnant," Jason asked. " I'm sorry. I was pissed. I do love Tori," Ash replied. "Raffy"s asleep finally so you two keep it down," Maggie announced coming downstairs to Brody and Ziggy still arguing. Give me the remote Brody. Australia's Next top Model is about to start?"Ziggy asked. " No way, Stars Wars is on," Brody and Ben said. " Which you've seen how many times, Dad, I'm buying my own TV," Ziggy announced. " We will see Zig this year. You're in year 12," Ben replied. " I know Dad. I beat Brody in our exam last year. I'm not stupid," Ziggy snapped then went upstairs and slam her bedroom door. Brody watched where Ziggy went. Brody had a crush on Ziggy since they were ten. He never had the guts to ask her out because their families had always been close.
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