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  1. I always like to analyse the number of points achieved, they reveal more details about the rankings. For example, there was barely anything between Alf, Irene, Dean and Fisher in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place – a range of only 5 points (from 71 to 66). One forum member’s votes could have completely changed the order of those characters or put them all in joint 3rd place. On the other hand, there was a clear Top 10 of favourites, no one “narrowly missed out” on the Top 10. We had a big jump from Bobby in 11th place on 35 points to Pippa and Ryder in joint 9th on 50 points each. Mor
  2. I can see it will be a great Top 10, now that they reveal themselves by process of elimination... 2 lovely (or lovable, at least) young men from the current cast 4 long-running legends from the current cast 4 long-running legends from the past The heart and DNA of this show runs through all 10 characters in different ways. I look forward to finding out their ranking order.
  3. I pretty much agree with this, but I wouldn't dismiss 2009-10. I enjoyed that era partly because of the 'Lost the Plot/WTF' storylines, if you mean storylines like (I've tried to describe them in a way that emphasises their craziness): Miles having visions of Rabbit (who had strangely accurate psychic powers and appeared in Marilyn's dreams despite being a figment of Miles' imagination), while trying to catch a graffiti vandal who turned out to be himself; Alf being hounded by Mr Oddly and haunted by flashbacks to his fear of ventriloquist dummies... then being hounded by Penn, who was hau
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