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  1. Yep, you most likely did. She's been cast in a new mini series called Scarlet, and the program has been advertised over here. You can find out more about Sharni's latest venture here . Cheers for that
  2. Did I see Sharni Vinson advertising on British TV last week?
  3. Not entirely sure but it seems to have been 4584 and 4585. Thanx for that xx
  4. Does anyone have the episode numbers for last Monday and Tuesday? It was Dan's memorial and stuff, missed those two days last week
  5. Was so lovely to see Tom again. I never liked it when Pippa married Micheal. Always felt she should have stayed true to Tom's memory, just as Sally did when she couldnt marry Bland I used to watch it religiously when it first started, but stopped when ITV stopped showing it and then we didnt have channel five then. I got back into it about 2/3 yrs ago and it was so easy to pick up again
  6. Yeah, that's Tim Campbell in Dynasty: Making of a Guilty Pleasure! Thank you, glad my eyes didn't deceive me Holly Brisley also featured in this movie! Did she? I missed that bit! I did see her in another film a while ago, but cant remember what one, think she was on an areoplane
  7. Yeah, that's Tim Campbell in Dynasty: Making of a Guilty Pleasure! Thank you, glad my eyes didn't deceive me
  8. Did I just see the guy who plays Dan Baker on a film called, Dynasty-the making? If it wasnt him, he has a really good lookalike!
  9. Rocco and his brother? I thought it was Josh West... I was thinking about Josh too. Supposedly, Alf used the Surf Club's money to finance his campaign during the elections but it was one of Josh's friends who had tricked him. Sorry, all the stories are mingling into one I blame the 2 weeks without sleep
  10. He was set up by Rocco and his brother, made it look like he stole money
  11. Thats it!!! Nelson Phew thanx, thought I was going gaga then
  12. Why do I recognise that Reverend Hall blokey? His face is so familiar
  13. Just a question about the whole Kirsty/Kane/Danny fiasco. I have been unable to watch the special that was aired last week. I do remember watching an early years episode where Danny is accusing Kane of assault? Did he rape/assault her, if so, how does Kirsty end up with him?
  14. Ahhh right Did they think we would'nt have noticed ?
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