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  1. Currently at March 1993. Where did the ending titles come from ? Seems to be some kind of major boat race ?
  2. Other than the drunken kiss what did Mr Smithers actually do to Sophie ? Unless I am mistaken nothing else happened that we saw but Sophie was constantly saying how he would touch her daily or chat dirty to her, yet other than the drunken night I don't remember us seeing anything like that, and they showed her at work many times. Was Sophie lying or was there another reason for the storyline ?
  3. What was the song that ended "cha, cha, cha", usually seconds before the show ends, around 1992.
  4. Was the actor who played Greg the real father of the kid who played Sam ? They look so alike, if not then it was a great casting call, just like with Blake and Karen who have the same shape jaw. Also I seem to remember later that a Vietnamese kid called Aaron comes to the bay with a sister called Justine, given she isn't Vietnamese is she meant to be his fostered sister ?
  5. When did he treat them bad ? He was always tough but fair from what I can remember.
  6. I don't know why but a comment Adam made to Fisher in the episode I saw tonight had me laugh out loud. I think it is a combination of Adam's brazen attitude and Fisher's reaction. Adam hassled Fisher for days about being the one to get the contract to move Fisher's piano, in the end Fisher finally agrees. Adam can't move the piano as Matt leaves him in the lurch, Fisher walks in and Adam brazenly asks Fisher to give him a hand, even though it is FIsher paying Adam for moving it. I don't know why it struck me as so funny, as it is pretty basic, but it is the fact poor old Fisher stands there like a mug as usual.
  7. Do people think they bought in Sam as a replacement for Sally given she was now approaching teenage years ? Duncan and Christopher were still too young to talk act.
  8. Back in 1990 and 1991 the Guru Josh instrumental would play a lot. I remember one episode Bobby gave Sam money to choose his favourite song, and he picked Guru Josh, not bad choice for a 8 year old I guess. I always thought it funny that the song by Marilyn, Martin and Lance would play in the diner and no one would really pay any attention or get mentioned that the singers were in there at the same time.
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