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  1. Well I knew I was asking for it when I made the post. So!!! But just for the record, my suggestion re the Bonnie and Clyde style exit for Brax and Ricky was totally facetious. Although for a number of reasons, appropriate in a warped kind of way. Apparently I should have put lol at the end. Obviously most of you are also too young to understand an ancient pop culture reference. (I freely admit that is no doubt a contradiction). Good luck with the hate, I'm frankly over it.
  2. I will stick up for Phoebe but I won't bother with a long rant as no matter what, I will no doubt get attacked from all sides. Yes Phoebe can open her mouth without thinking, she can stick her nose in others business, she regularly doesn't look before she leaps with both feet into things. But I like that it all makes her real for me. Phoebe does nothing that other characters don't also do, but they never get the torrents of abuse she suffers. Indeed she has done nothing even a tenth as ugly as characters that get fiercely protected on this forum. I was contemplating why some characters are so loved by some whilst others receive such hatred for reasons I struggle to discern. I also notice that I tend to swim against the tide in this matter. The only answer I can come up with is my age and life experience. I judge people by their actions not their look, so no matter how pretty someone is, it doesn't influence my opinion. I also loathe violence and therefore will not accept it being glamourised or encouraged. And as I have said before, I also find double standards offensive. Its interesting how much the male characters get defended regardless. I think that offends my deep seated feminism as well. I get this post will no doubt get me in trouble, but I was reading an article a few days ago about online bullying and its effect on those who suffer it. An interesting point was raised. Would you say such things to a persons face? I know the excuse is given that such attacks are about the character. But I still ask the question. Would you say such things to Isabella s face? I have no doubt it would upset her, I know if would upset me.
  3. Yes it would be boring if we all disagreed. And yes I get you love them and see almost the exact opposite of what I see when you watch them. As John as previously said in this thread, Nere the Twain shall meet' obviously this is true on many aspects of the show. Imagine how short some some of the threads would be if we all universally loved everything about the show and agreed on everything. And before RR1 has a go at me. Yes I know I slammed Maddy. But I think it says a lot when even Red has criticised her recently. But hey, the only current relationship I am currently happy with, is John and Marilyn. So maybe I'm overly critical. Of course I'm also way too old to be influenced in the slightest by how a character looks.
  4. I won't presume to speak for anyone else, but personally I loathe this pairing because they bring out the worst in each other. I disliked both characters initially but over the last year had grown to tolerate them as they had definitely both matured and grown. However from the moment their possible pairing became a 'thing' the worst traits of both characters have reemerged. Even more so since they got together. The inherent immaturity of both, Maddy's shallow and selfish personality along with Matt's arrogance and his liking for ridiculing others (especially Oscar) are all things I believed they had left behind. Instead all of this is back with a vengeance. I do not see their constant childish bickering interspersed with constant sex as an indication of how suited they are for a long term adult relationship, quite the contrary. I do agree however, that they are suited to each other, At this point in their lives, for a typically teenage fling based purely on sex. I hated that Oscar was 'uncharacteristically' made the bad guy. But was quite happy to see him and Maddy break up. Oscar was always way to good for her. The only time they were compatible was when Maddy was 'forced' to grow up due to her cancer and needed a dependable, decent guy in her life. Now that is over, she has finished using Oscar for support and has reverted to type.
  5. Actually I was kind of hoping someone would punch Matt again the other day when he was making fun of Oscar again. Sigh!!!
  6. I realized recently that I have got over the recast and accepted him as VJ. Yes, the recast was appalling but its done and my old love for the character kicked back in recently. Reading support for Hunter and criticism of mean Veej picking on poor little Hunter over the fire did it for me Hunter is a character who in no way has been redeemed for me. Not least because he has yet to confess to the Diner break in and the subsequent consequences, including Denny's death (remember her anyone). I feel VJ was expressing justifiable anger. It was every one else's response I've found inexplicable. I had a random thought. I wonder how much more support VJ would have if it was Felix still??? I suspect the answer is quite a lot. Also I do admit that Matt Little doesn't stick out like a sore thumb now that he is surrounded by equally miscast 20 something's, posing as teens.
  7. I have to disagree. The thing with Nate seemed without real reason. If she had done it to Kyle, the guy who just slept with her and used her, it would have made more sense to me. Instead it seemed to be purely for a short lived cheap storyline, which was a bit of an injustice to women who are victims of domestic violence. I guess it annoyed me because I would have liked to see her past and it's effect on her behavior explored in a more serious and thoughtful manner. Just another potentially brilliant story about a serious issue treated with contempt. Sigh.
  8. Billie is another character I struggle with thanks to an appalling entry storyline. I wish they wouldn't do that to characters. However I am trying to get past it. I will wait and see. Note to writers. The whole introduce a new character as a baddy then redeem them thing. It's got very old.
  9. Well let's face it. tptb do believe their audience are a bunch of easily manipulated muppets, because it has worked in the past. No matter what these guys do, a large section of the audience do constantly excuse them and end up raving about what wonderful guys they are. No wonder tptb have such contempt for the fans intelligence.
  10. I'm with RR1 on this. Oscar is sweetheart who deserves to get the girl. He and Maddy are so sweet together. Matt on the other hand has been a tool from day one. Indeed I think from memory that Oscar was one of the victims of his bullying right from the beginning. Unfortunately the show continues to go down the 'nice guys finish last' track. It is also starting to look as if, like Spencer before him, Oscar will be leaving the show early. Sigh.
  11. To be honest, I'm a bit confused. Why bother recasting with all the muscles if VJ is still not going to get the girl. I'm assuming he stopped playing soccer and took up basketball when he suddenly grew two feet.
  12. The more I watch the more I realize why I love her. Its because I am so enjoying watching someone suffer the consequences of their actions. It is something that has been so lacking in recent years. Of course it is a shame the show has turned it into Braxton revenge plot no. 456. Instead of a more organic and believable conclusion. Ah well, you can't have everything.
  13. So Hunter becomes the latest to suffer from sudden and inexplicable personality transplant. Sigh, it was fun while it lasted. Bring back psycho Hunter.
  14. Erika is doing an amazing job, she actually manages (for the odd moment at least) to make me feel sorry for Charlotte. Which is a tribute to the acting considering she is a character that is so wrong on so many levels. Of course any sympathy usually vanishes almost immediately when she turns around and does something even creepier. Its official, I love Charlotte, because she makes it so much fun to hate her, and so damn easy.
  15. I can't decide whether Matt's acting has improved or I've just become numb to it. Either way, he's not annoying me anywhere near as much as he did. Of course his recast isn't as glaringly annoying now, thanks both to the absence of Will McDonald, and the equally obviously overage other teens he is surrounded with.
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