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  1. Hi dear, Where did you watch the episodes of Micheal's death? I really want to see those. can't find in youtube. Regarding Pippa's reaction- that finale scene from episode 1914, Of Sally entering Pippa's bedroom and assuring her foster mom she is allowed to cry and grieve.. and then finally indeed Pippa breaks down in Sally's arms.. was such a sad (and short) scene.. mirroring the scene of Pippa crying in Sally's arms 5 years earlier when tom died (with a different actress playing Pippa of course)
  2. They should have brought back Steve, Carly, Frank and Maz..
  3. Is the actress playing Roxi - a lesbian?
  4. Yep, I forgot about Steven. he and Bobby were good friends. couldn't he come to the funeral?
  5. Wouldn't it be nice to see more oldies came back for Bobby's funeral, other that Morag? characters like Carly, maybe Sophie, frank, and of course Marilyn!!! she was a good friend to bobby. couldn't she come back, even for 1 episode? it could have been a nice reunion and opportunity to give us an update to their stories.
  6. Ok.. Why didn't we see sally? come on, she was very close to bobby at one time, wasn't she? what about showing us sally visiting bobby in the hospital, saying goodbye? and sally won't even attend the funeral. ridiculous and unbelievable.
  7. A nice interview, but i didn't really understand why she left with no plans to ever return. was she so miserable? never say never. I think she does regret her decision in the long run. Maybe the producers should leave her comatose for years and then one day she wakes up.. By the way, why didn't we see sally handling the news? I don't even think sally will be in the funeral.
  8. But in the long run, no I wish they hadn't killed her off and I think it was the wrong decision. Who knows, perhaps Nicole would have liked to return again at some point after a few years break. She did start acting again in the later 90's (All Saints etc.) perhaps by then she would have been up for a return and with hindsight she could have been a perfect choice to replace Pippa in 1998 when Debra decided it was time to go. I agree. in the long run, they made a mistake by killing off one of the best and most memorable characters. Of course, death stories of loved ones make very good
  9. I really think that Bobby's death made a huge impact on "Home and Away".. even more then Tom's death. It was an end to an era. So many characters left by now: Steven, Sophie, Carly, Ben, Celia, Blake, Frank.. and now poor Bobby, a character that developed so much over the years. Do you think the show made a correct decision by killing her character?
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