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  1. RR1, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you have said in your excellent post on Andy Barratt. On Neighbours last week (sorry to those who aren't Neighbours fans!), one of the characters said "Everyone deserves a second chance, but they have to pay for what they have done first". Never a truer line has been said. As RR1 has pointed out, Andy has had many, many chances (& apart from the chances Casey & Brax etc have given him, by my count, Hannah has broken up with him 5 times so far - & a couple of those times, what he did should have been deal breakers to her ever taking him back again - yet here we are with them together once more), & he certainly hasn't paid for, or suffered any real consequences, for what he has done - in fact we have basically seen the opposite. We know that Andy will be around the Bay for some time to come, so obviously the authorities won't be finding out about him murdering Jake any time soon (or else he may end up as a cell mate of Brax's - now there is a thought!.......). But surely, as RR1 correctly states "ultimately, he has to pay for his crimes or the show really has lost its way". This HAS to come back to bite him & I will be mightily unhappy if he doesn't get found out for the murder eventually, or down the track it doesn't become Andy's exit storyline when the time comes for the character to leave he show. In the meantime, unfortunately I am sure we will be seeing more storylines showing Andy as the redeemed great guy, with the producers/writers hoping that over time viewers, along with those who already seem to excuse his past behaviour, will forget all about the dirty deeds he has perpetrated (what murder??). It is good depicting characters cleaning up their act & turning their lives around, but IMO it is equally, if not more, important to show that there can be real (& sometimes serious) consequences for your actions, especially something as heinous as cold-blooded murder - & that is what it was (no matter how much it is perceived that the person deserved it - as I have seen suggested by some on various H&A forums). I am with you RR1, I will never excuse what Andy did. Accordingly, I will never accept the "New" version of Andy until such time as he is brought to account & pays for his actions.
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