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  1. Darn it. It is just because my partner wants me to play the whole song and I have the episode saved on Tivo. Still, you have yet to fail me, even when I'm the obvious idiot. We love the show but the soundtrack over the last few years has been fantastic.
  2. Dan, can you help me out again regarding a song featured on the the show? This one goes back to earlier this year: S33 E73. The song at the end when Gemma and Ben kiss in his motel. You've never let me down before bud! According to the subtitles the lyrics are "My feet will grow in size if I'm chasing you down. I can't put out the fire that started with your smile". Hope you, everyone here and all loved ones are keeping safe.
  3. Thanks Dan!!! You come through every single time when it comes to my questions about songs featured on the show. Don't know how you do it but glad you do. You and your loved ones continue to be safe and healthy. That goes for everybody on this site.
  4. In the episode where Ben and Gemma kiss in his motel room, what is the song playing in the backround? Lyrics go "if i'm chasing you down i can't put out the fire that started with your smile". Any help? It says it is S33 E73
  5. Spot on, reliable and promt as always Dan! Cheers.
  6. Does anybody know what song plays in episode 6817 just after the scene where Justin brings Ash home drunk and puts him to bed? The lyrics seem to something like "there's no warning, throw your teardrop... (?)" and "so get thinking, let the day slip by". Sorry, know it was a few weeks ago but am just catching up with eps now after a wee holiday. Cheers in advance (this site has never let me down before)
  7. As usual Dan, spot on. Cheers. On a separate note, I just watched the 2015 finale - what a cliffhanger. Thankfully we here in the UK don't have to wait weeks for the next episodes! It is bad enough we are already weeks behind Australia. Neighbours now broadcast episodes the same day in both Australia and the UK. I hope Home And Away might move towards this approach too.
  8. Episode 6347 - UK broadcast 15th March. Just after Ash confronts Charlotte, have you any idea of the song that bookends the following scene where Olivia and Hunter go to do, well, you know? Am pretty sure it sounds like the same song.played at the beginning and end of the scene.
  9. Thanks Dan, as always, for the first one! As for the second one, I've got to say I'm flabbergasted there is finally a song that even you can't identify for me
  10. in yesterday's episode (Thursday), what is the song that plays as Matt and Charlotte kiss? And in today's episode (Friday), what is the song playing while Evie is messaging Tank in her room?
  11. I take my hat off to you sir! Thanks.
  12. Dan, my mistake. You are spot on about the episode number and song. You never let me down! For a bonus point, what is the song from the same episode just after Evie hands over her mobile to Zak?
  13. OK, happy new year everyone! Another music question: Episode 6302 (UK air date 11th January), what is the song near the beginning of the episode that has the lyrics "...Do you find it hard to..."? Sorry, it was a brief snippet and that was all I could make out.
  14. Spot on Therese! Thanks very much!!! Was doing my head in trying to find it!
  15. in episode 6294 (UK broadcast 26th November). What is the song near the end when Matt is trying to get his keys back and Charlotte seduces him again? The lyrics that I can make out go "If you want to stay then stay, if you want to go then go away". C'mon Dan F - don't fail me now!
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