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  1. Agreed they seem to be regressing him back to the naïve, diffident boy he was Pre-Billie. I also disappointed he gave up on Luc considering how much build-up that story had.
  2. In light of Hunter recently confessing to the diner safe/electrocution fiasco back in 2015 do you think he's genuinely turned over a new leaf and will keep his nose clean until he departs next year? More generally do you think he should also he legally and morally exonerated for that now? My gut is telling me he will get in trouble again and it will interweave with his exit storyline.
  3. What does everyone think of VJ's long, wavy hair? Whats everyone's thoughts on the pregnancy/Billie story thus far?
  4. Back in 2013, did anyone else think they were initially setting up a potential lesbian romance between Sasha & Rosie? Do you think that would have been plausible? What are your thoughts on this subject and their friendship in general?
  5. I've been watching HAA since 2006 and Drew Curtis is my favorite character of all time. I was wondering what other members though about his general character, story-lines, personality, relationship with Belle Taylor etc. He was often described as selfish and immature but I didn't see it.
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