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  1. (I'm catching up on the show and need somewhere to complain, this seemed like the best place. I used the spoiler tag to make my comment shorter, but there is one small spoiler for UK viewers in there as well as in the text below.) Ash: VJ punched Zac! He is out of control and too violent to take care of Luc! Also Ash: ↓
  2. Heath Braxton - 16 Casey Braxton - 18 [+1] Kyle Braxton - 12 Charlie Buckton - 13 Natalie Davison - 9 [-1] Bianca Scott - 6 Ruby Buckton - 25 Denny Miller - 1 Phoebe Nicholson - 28 Sasha Bezmel - 13 ELIMINATED Darryl Braxton Isla Schultz Ricky Sharpe Tamara Kingsley
  3. The worst part of Kyle's exit is that it was all for absolutely nothing. Who here honestly thinks Isla will, or should, ever get her kids back? If there was a real chance she could get them back, maybe it would've made a little more sense for Kyle to go down for her, but she has done nothing to prove herself to Kyle. If anything, everything she's done has just proved over and over again that she's a terrible mum and should never get custody of those kids. I'm not going to lie and say I'm super sad about seeing Kyle go, because I think they ruined his character this last year, but this ent
  4. Hannah not being the greatest person/character has nothing to do with her having sex a lot. It's about her cheating and not being honest to the guys that she's dating. Don't slut shame.
  5. I'm still a fan, don't worry! I just hate drama, so I haven't really been defending her lately... I feel like people make it seem like she and Matt had this huge thing going on behind Oscar's back, and that's in my opinion absolutely not what happened. Maddy's feelings for Matt started after Oscar began to push her away, and especially after Oscar punched Matt. I guess telling Matt she had feelings for him was sort of leading him on, but she also said multiple times that they had to make their feelings go away because she loved and wanted to be with Oscar. And what Maddy said to Oscar, abo
  6. I think it's 'If You Wanna Stay' by Mojo Juju
  7. Thank you! That's great. It was probably a stupid question, but I'm so bad at seeing how old people are, especially kids, so I just needed to make sure Sally wasn't 12 and Jack 15 or something.
  8. What is the age difference between Jack and Sally? I need to know if I can ship them together with a clean conscience (I think Pippa mentioned that Sally and Selina are around the same age, and Selina and Jack are a thing, but I still feel the need to be sure)
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. I think one of the main problems with the recast was that everything happened too fast. I was completely ready to accept Matt Little as VJ, because recasts and SORASing happens, that's how soaps work. But it hasn't worked. He doesn't feel like VJ at all. What they should've done is reintroduced Matt Little as VJ, but given him small storylines where he was more of a supporting character, and showed us that he's still the same sweet VJ we knew and loved. Then, over time, they could make him grow up more. If they wanted him to be angry and lash out, that's fine, people change, but they should've
  11. That was amazing. You almost made me cry. I feel like that video really captured the essence of Maddy's character. She cares so much about everything, like her boyfriends, and school, but then she somehow manages to care too much, so everything falls apart again. Her methods aren't always the best, most of the time they're not even good, but her actions usually comes from a place of caring about someone or something. And I think I just realized that the more people dislike Maddy (on and off show) the more I will like her. I desperately need 2015 to be the year where Maddy she makes some fr
  12. The 100 (the one with Bob Morley!). It's so good, I recommend it.
  13. Oh believe me, I really really hope I'm right too I have faith though. It's gonna be good. Precisely. She hasn't been all bad, like there was those times when she tried to be nice to Andy to get him and Josh to be friends again, it's just that lately she's been a little all over the place, so of course that's what people think about when they think about her right now. She has soft sides and she has good sides, as well as bad. Maddy is a flawed character, and it makes her interesting to me, and it makes me like her. She has been cheated on and betrayed and disappointed, and now
  14. The Maddy Osborne Defense Squad has two more members! That's two more people agreeing with me than I expected, haha. My friend at school keeps literally shaking me and saying "whyyyy do you like Maddy." And I just keep saying "because I just do." I agree with you both, she can be controlling and a brat, and I'm not sure why I like her. Everyone has perfectly valid reasons to dislike her. I can't really defend her, other than saying "she's young and confused", but I honestly that makes her a very real character. I think that if Kassandra Clementi stays on the show, Maddy has the opportu
  15. Does anyone want to start up a Maddy Osborne Defense Squad? No? Just me? Fine, I expected that much. I'll be the leader and only member. Now, to get it out of the way, I understand why people don't like her. Easily. She has done some crappy things. And in real life I would probably hate her. But I have just fallen in love with her, in the way you fall in love with characters, and I will probably always protect her and love her. I'm just stuck with her no matter how much she messes up. She's young. She makes mistakes. She's confused about love and where she belongs. And I often feel lik
  16. The Amazing Spiderman 2. I cry everytime at the end
  17. Same here! I finally read If I Stay last month, because of the movie and everything, and now I need to know where they end up. If Mia and Adam aren't endgame I will burn my book.
  18. I really want to read that book! The cover is so pretty. I'm reading What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick
  19. Yes, that was it, thank you so much
  20. Does anyone remember the episode number of the episode with Nicole and Aden on the beach? I know, very specific. But I think they're celebrating something (Nicole being done with exams?), and they're in the water and goofing around being adorable. And they have a towel. I think it was before they started dating, but I'm not sure. And it's not that time they go to jail. Sorry if this is very vague and/or the wrong place to ask.
  21. I like Kyle a lot so far. but he just seems broken. He need someone. And I think he has the potential of becoming a really interesting new character.
  22. Casey is my favorite Braxton. (He's actually the only one of them I like) He just has so much potential.
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