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  1. have found it more ridicoulus that the Braxtons forgave Kyle after what he did to Casey. Even if it seems Brax has never seen him as a brother and has treated him quite differently from the two others. Still, it is very strange to take in someone who almost killed your brother in jealousy. Because that was really what we saw. Kyle tortured him for days, and wanted Casey to die. It wasn't a breakdown (like former characters had), but only an act out of jealousy.

    I think it was really out of character for Brax to forgive him that easily. He has always been portrayed like a revenge guy. It would have been more in character if Brax wanted to kill Kyle instead.

    I agree totally with you jodlebirger about Brax taking Kyle in. That was ridiculous because Kyle left Casey in the desert to die. I don't know why he felt obliged to help him after he took the stand in court and helped Casey out . He did nothing special just telling the truth. So I didn't get that either and I was surprised that Casey took that so well as he found out Kyle lived in the house. But as he said later on.... 'How come whenever something bad happens to me the person responsible gets to live in my house`

    But also the stuff with Ricky was hard to take in because I doubt that she confessed because she wanted to help Casey. She did it because she knew that if she didn't do that, Brax would cut her off if he found out later (even if they were together). And she didn't care that something could happen to Casey while in prison or if Heath lost his daughter forever. She only cared about saving Brax and how she could be together with him. I get that she wanted to help her brother at first but after she found out he was wrong about Brax she could have warned Brax without Adam to know. And if Brax left Adam to die why mess with Casey and Heath family? I think she agreed with that because she didn't want Brax to get physically hurt. He was her only concern. And I highly doubt Adam would have killed her, even at the end he didn't do it despite having the opportunity. So I really don't have much sympathy for Ricky.

    I completely agree, I started disliking Brax's character bit by bit since Adam's revenge storyline - that wasn't Brax that came to the Bay. And for Kyle and Ricky to be forgiven was just absurd, what they did was unforgivable. I don't know why and how Kyle's changed his mind at the end as it was clear that he hated his brothers, but he basically went overnight from hating them to wanting to be part of the family. Brax made a deal with him to confess for kidnaping and in return he would get him a good lawyer, so we can't say that Kyle told a truth because he felt guilty. I think that Brax understood that Danny was bad influence on Kyle, but why move him into the house and move Casey to Natalie's - there were million other solutions for that and I didn't like that Brax chose Kyle over Casey (who was like his son) - and his explanation was that he wanted Casey to have fresh start - what?? The first time I saw that Kyle actually cares about Casey was when Casey got hurt in car accident.

    And regarding Ricky, I don't buy the fact that she was played by Adam, she knew exactly who Adam was and I believe that she knew what she was doing (at the end she was brought up by Adam); but at the end she switched sides (same as Andy), however it was too late. She had million opportunities to tell Brax the truth, but she was trying to 'protect him' so she kept quiet - yeah right! And for Brax to move her into the house where she spent days moping around playing a victim and crying over her destiny as she was facing jail (that she richly deserved) was just a charry on top. Even to bring Charlie back to convince Brax to forgive Ricky was just cheap shot for the fans to stand behind them as a couple. The only real reaction in that storyline was Casey's, if my family did that to me I would probably act the same. Heath hasn't shown any concerns about Casey (he was happy that he's got his daughter back) neither has Kyle (who was happy with Tamara - Casey's girlfriend). The only person in Casey's corner was Indi and I'm glad she returned the favour as Casey was there for her when Romeo left. But in that whole storyline the person who let Casey down the most was Brax - a man Casey idolised. If someone did that to my family (sent one brother to jail, get another brother to be chased by the police, take a child from the third brother and got me shot), no matter how much I loved them, played or not played, victim or not victim - I think I would put my relationship on hold and re-think things. Even if she helped the Braxtons by solving there problems whether they like or not, I don't really sympathize with or like her as a character. And I don't realy care if at the end she ends up alone.

  2. I would love for Morag to come back, or for writers to introduce someone similar to her... H&A needs strong female characters. At the moment beside Irene and Marilyn I can't say that I like any other female character, IMO there is no one with strong personality. With Morag, you could love her or hate her, but she is tough as nails and hasn't changed a lot in last 25 years or so. That's what I like. Nowadays they change characters' behaviours to fit the storyline they are in.

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  3. I agree Brax didn't think Casey would move out, but he shouldn't have asked her to move in. I was a bit surprised Ricky decided to move in after everything she's done, IMO she should've given them space. I reckon I would respect her more because of that. That was completely selfish act IMO. She came to the Bay to divide them and at the end she succeeded.

    I hate it when Brax and Casey are divided more than anything so I agree with you to a certain degree but I have to defend Ricky in this scenario.

    When Adam was manipulating her, she had a clear agenda to separate Brax from his brothers which I was hating. But in the aftermath of Brax's shooting I thought it became clear very quickly that that was Adam's agenda and not hers. She tried to leave Brax numerous times because she didn't want to come between him and his family. She tried to walk away from him at least four or five times. He kept begging her to stay and he eventually got sick of it and gave her an ultimatum - stay or walk out the door and never come back. Brax was adamant. But once Ricky moved in she became more and more guilty seeing the strain her presence had placed on Brax and Casey's relationship and how upset Brax was and she tried to sneak away so he couldn't stop her. Tamara caught her and convinced her to stay. Ricky won me over around this time.

    I'm really struggling with her character. Sometimes I like her, sometimes I don't.

    I think it's because IMO she knew what she was doing when she came to the Bay and I'm not convinced she was completely manipulated by Adam. She knew Adam and I don't know what she thought he was going to do at the end. Adam blamed Brax for leaving him to die, and actually Heath was the one who left him (same family different brother), so it's not like he lied about being left for to die. She had so many opportunities to come clean but she hasn't, they would've been better off knowing who was behind it all. Also Jamie was also 'manipulated' by Adam but he ended up in jail, and she got away with it. Tamara said she remembered something that could help her at the trail - she needed Tamara for the trail she would have even if she moved out, she didn't have to stay at the Braxton's house. Her trial didn't have anything to do with her living arrangements. I think I'm starting to have a problem that all criminal activities done by main characters happen to be justified and forgotten, I'm hoping they will change that when RB leave (Jesse, Roman, Ruby, Kane, Will have done wrong things but they paid for that).

    I actually liked her when she came to the Bay, I thought she was better match for Brax that Nat and Charlie, but after all that 'revenge' storyline and aftermath I just don't like her all the time.

    I look forward seeing Brax without Heath. Tonight's episode was bittersweet, Brax was both happy and sad that Heath's leaving, I really liked their brotherly bond.

  4. Yes, Brax definitely tried to get Heath to move to the city with him even though he knew Charlie wasn't happy about it. He didn't want to leave him behind.

    As for the Casey/Ricky situation, that was a tricky one. I agree that Brax could have waited a bit longer before moving Ricky into the house, especially considering how low Casey was at the time. I think that Brax thought that Casey would get over his hatred towards Ricky a lot quicker than he did. He knew that Casey was directing all his anger at the situation with Tamara at Ricky and didn't take it seriously enough. But his tough love approach backfired when Casey moved out. Brax never intended for it to become a choice between the two - he loves them both. Brax was pretty miserable about his divide with Casey that whole time and jumped on every opportunity to get him back to the house.

    I agree Brax didn't think Casey would move out, but he shouldn't have asked her to move in. I was a bit surprised Ricky decided to move in after everything she's done, IMO she should've given them space. I reckon I would respect her more because of that. That was completely selfish act IMO. She came to the Bay to divide them and at the end she succeeded.

  5. If I remember correctly, Brax even asked Heath to go to the city with him and Charlie as he was worried about leaving him to his own resources.

    He had always put Casey first no matter what from when he was seventeen, I think he was entitled to think of himself for once without it being thought of as selfishness. What was he supposed to do, give up his own happiness I take it.

    With regard to him chasing his brothers, if he hadn't have bothered Heath would more than likely be dead and Casey certainly wouldn't have got much education he would have probably finished up at the fish factory with his mother

    I think regarding Casey - Brax chose his happiness at the wrong time, he should've waited a bit until situation settled down. He put Casey first every time before and to put himself first this time was completely out of Brax's character (and for what he stood for) - but they needed to add more drama to it. I can't remember Casey getting education - Bianca pulled strings to get his HSC trial exam results recognised.

    As for Brax leaving the gang - for someone who was the leader of 'notorious' (as they said) gang, Brax should've known that it wouldn't be so easy to leave. I think that he didn't think that through very well. Charlie told him how Casey looks up to him and he decided to leave without thinking about consequences. He should've thought about what would happen if Heath takes over and what would he have to do to clean Heath's mess that's why I said it was impulsive. He came to the Bay and got into 'legal business' and he was trying to gain respect of people, and not to be just another River Boy. He wanted out to give Casey better life and apparently because of Charlie (who still didn't want to be open about their relationship), but it is small town and it was tough gang and before you know he was back in.

  6. As much as I (usually) like him I also think that Brax is mastermind behind everything and that most of the time he is portrayed as hero even if he is not. However I think that it was partially Charlie's fault for ending up the way she has. As police officer she should've known that there was no way that leader of the gang is not involved in gang's business - he made her look like an idiot and some gullible high school girl. She kept going back to him over and over again. This whole "Jake problem'' started when Brax impulsively decided to leave the gang (as if that was that easy) and when Heath took over problems started. After Charlie died Ruby told him once that he was not the only one Charlie loved (when he had a go at Leah for wearing Charlie's perfume), but Ruby had her share of doing stupid things. And I agree that most of the time he is trying to manipulate/influence his brothers - when they have a problems he is winging that they expect him to help; when they tell him to back off he is chasing them around the town and call for a family meeting. I don't believe that he puts family first all the time - he had no problem leaving Heath behind to go to the city with Charlie, or to let Casey deal with his problems so that he could live happily with Ricky.

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  7. I always thought that Brax's ending will be his death, but with

    Casey dying I'm not sure the producers will have two Braxtons dying within a few months.

    I'm thinking... maybe jail

    (for avenging Casey)

    or just leaving the Bay completely lost and broken (like Liam). If I was one of producers I wouldn't kill him off - as he is very popular character and Steve likes H&A, I would have him back for some milestone (which H&A doesn't celebrate LOL). But when Steve goes to LA I doubt he would like to come back.

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  8. What about Jamie?? Ricky doesn't mention him neither talk about him considering they are aunt and nephew. I wonder if she knew that he stalked Leah and drove her out of town? :unsure:

    No I don't think that was even mentioned so I dare say Ricky doesn't know.

    I'd assume that she was aware of it. How could she not know at all?

    On her first night in the Bay, didn't she tell Brax that she'd been visiting Jamie in prison? I also therefore assume that it's likely she knew.

    But Jamie was arrested for trying to kill Heath (Heath, Brax, Kyle and Liam kidnapped Jamie and blackmailed Adam into admitting he told Jamie to kill Heath), I can't recall anyone saying he was in prison for stalking Leah. That's a thing in H&A, as soon as storyline finishes they don't repat it anymore.

  9. Does anyone else think that Sophie will get back to taking painkillers after this surgery - just to put some more drama into Nate and Sophie's relationship? I'm sure writers will explore that storyline sometime while she is around (they've done it with Irene and Liam) I'm just not sure if that's going to be this soon. They already have 'trust issues' something like this could break them up again.

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