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  1. In TV Week interview Madeleine said this about Amber: "Being a good mum is everything to Amber and nothing will come between her relationship with Jai, but she wants a deep connection with someone. She wants to find someone who loves her for who she truly is- the bad-girl, single mum with a heart of gold!" So far this description doesn't suit Amber at all. She might not be bad person, but I don't believe she is nice either. I don't know why in TV shows 'tough girl' automatically needs to be rude and vile. Amber is vile and manipulative, and I'm afraid that in the next few weeks we'll get Amber with as I like to say 'behavior transplant' and the viewers will be expected to like her and get behind her and Dean's (possible) relationship.
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  7. Tbh I didn't find any of them smart or professional. It all depends on the storyline, all of them at some stage were bias, unprofessional and corrupt.
  8. Not really a fan either. She looks like another loud-mouth girl with a lot of issues.
  9. According to Ari Tane was a bad guy/ troublemaker. Tbh I like him more then Ari. So far he was polite with Rider, Bella and Marilyn, no sign of any trouble. Also, he was telling Nik to listen to Ari and to go home. On the other had Ari, who was supposed to be a good guy, has got anger management issues and tries to control everything. Regarding Tane's introduction, if memory serves me right they have done the same thing with Heath Braxton. Heath and Brax came to the Bay for the party (when Brax decided to buy the restaurant) and the following few weeks the show focused more on Brax and Casey because Heth was still living in Mangrove River. Heath didn't have as many scenes as Brax and Casey.
  10. I agree. I do think Ricky and Brax were more suited than Brax and Charlie, but every single time he put Ricky second..... and then he faked his death and left her. Tbh I never thought that Nate and Ricky were good together, but he was always there for her. I think the moment Ricky got pregnant it was obvious that her and Brax would be end game couple, and they needed the storyline to fill out remaining time of Bonnie's contract, so TPTB got her and Nate together (and had their H&A annual wedding), but we all knew it wouldn't last.
  11. I think that Sam got a lot of hate because of they way she's been cast on H&A, as lot of fans even people in the industry considered that as publicity stunt, and then IMO fans projected that on Kat's death story-line. Even after 18 months Jasmine is still very unpopular character on social media and I believe big part of it is because of Sam. Regarding Kat, for me she was just Charlie 2.0 (weaker version). I didn't like how weak she was all the time, how she would turn to alcohol every time things got tough, I lost count how many times she was kidnapped or beaten up, and for 3 years on the show I can't remember one time that she 'saved the day'. For someone who was career oriented I never understood her getting involved with Ash and Robbo, being prepared to risk going to jail (while pregnant) for running away with Robbo, braking the law, turning the blind eye when her love interest is in trouble, etc. So far, IMO she was the worst police officer since I've been watching the show (since 2003). I'm not some hard core feminist, but I believe if they want to have female police officers on the show they should make them bad-ass (and most importantly being able to defend themselves). Morag was not police officer (and wasn't fighting) but you wouldn't want to stand in her way.
  12. I never understood why would Brax choose to back up Kyle, Ricky and Josh over Casey. He always put Casey first and even though they were manipulated by Danny, Andy and Adam, it was completely out of character for him to bring them to live with the Braxtons. I liked Amanda Vale - I think that H&A needs more villains like her. I find Romeo, Hannah, Denny and Oscar's deaths unnecessary. I don't like how they need to have the wedding every season and then have short lived marriages. I don't understand why would Kat and Tori be with someone like Ash. I also don't understand why would Bianca be with someone like Heath. I'm tired of IVF storyline. So far it has been predictable, and as Robbo and Tori will most likely end up together, we don't really need all this additional drama. They should've just focused on fertility issues in this storyline and not love triangle. I don't like how they don't take disabilities and health issues seriously. I don't like how they brought old character back (i.e. Will, Kane, Sally, Chloe) just to have them destroyed. I liked Tory and Rachel more than Tony and Beth and Rachel and Kim. I find it odd that Mason only had one serious love interest (Beth) since he came to the show.
  13. The only hint was that Gina, John and Jett were very, very, very happy about Jett's adoption - and on H&A happiness means that the tragedy will strike soon. If memory serves me right Gina had aneurysm, and most of the time with aneurysms there are no symptoms/ signs. But as Sonia said in her exit interview Gina had to be killed off because there is no way she would leave John and Jett, it was sudden but justifiable (comparing to the most deaths on H&A that were unnecessary).
  14. I don't think it will, a lot of time has passed for them bring the investigation back. Storylines don't last that long on H&A. Nowadays they are focusing on Bella's behavior, Willow and Dean are OK, Chelsea is gone, so I think TPTB want us to forget about what had happened. IMO the only way to bring it up again is for Colby's exit, it would be the same as Andy's murder of Jake Pirovich - Andy killed him, they all moved on and then all of the sudden he admitted it and that was his exit.
  15. For regular characters I'm sure there is a way for producers to get rid of them if they are unpopular or unneeded. In an interview Luke Jacobz said that TPTB cut his contract by 6 months because they introduced the Braxtons and didn't need Angelo anymore (and he was quite bitter about that, not to blame him). Catherine Mack's (Natalie) contract was cut short because she was supposed to be Brax's love interest but it didn't go down well with the fans. Also, in an interview Steve Peacock said that TPTB tend to kill off characters if the actors cause problems (I wasn't sure if that was a joke or not).
  16. I think in about week or two. What they are showing now was filmed at the end of November - beginning of December.
  17. I liked Ash when he came to the Bay, and his interaction with Brax, but it all went downhill as soon as Brax left. I think they introduced him trying to make Brax 2.0 but they didn't succeed. I didn't like him with Denny, I didn't like how TPTB broke up Phoebe and Kyle just to get her with Ash, and I never ever understood why they would pair him with Kat and Tori. OK, with Kat they probably wanted to make Chax 2.0 but it didn't work, and him and Tori were just big mismatch. I hated him during Luc's custody storyline but then again I hated all involved. And then it came his obsession with Robbo before and after Kat's death. At the end he was so arrogant that I had to fast forward some of his scenes...going around the Bay searching people's properties and noone stood up to him but Brodie and Tori. I was very happy when he left although I would love to see his face when he finds out Robbo and Tori are having a baby.
  18. ^ I agree. Raffy is becoming new Coco. I didn't like the way she was introduced to the show, they could've introduced her as their youngest sister who didn't know they're in the witness protection. I'm getting tired of every family in the Bay finding out they have long lost sibling (the Braxtons, the Walkers, the McGuires). What I liked about the Morgans is that IMO they had special bond considering they on the run for so long and until recently they sticked together no matter what. Nowadays I feel they all are doing their own thing, Tori is pretty much on her own, Brodie's focus is Simone, Raffy and Mason are doing their thing and Justin is the only one trying to keep them all together. The only thing they do these days is argue, it's not the same family that came to the Bay.
  19. I agree that Steve is too respectful, that's probably one of the reasons why he was producer's favorite. He's grateful that they gave him the opportunity, but they cashed in big time with his character as well. He said many times that he doesn't get involved in his characters storylines. In a way this is good thing as writers are there to write and actors to act, but at the end of the day the actors are people who know their characters the best. I wonder if this is his honest opinion about his exit- so far I haven't heard that anyone liked Brax's exit. There were actors who were not happy with their exit yet stayed on good terms with the producers.
  20. ^for this week's TV Week he said that he has no plans of returning any time soon, and with his US career developing I doubt it as well.
  21. ^ funny thing is that Steve is actually happy with Brax's exit storyline, as he said its "bookend'' for his character.
  22. So basically when he leaves there won't be VJ on the show. They should've taken someone to play him part time like Felix used to. He was born in 2001, so he's supposed to be 13 (even though he is 15-16 now), so in two years he's supposed to be 15 - where can he go on his own at that age? Unless they kill him off. They've made Pippa terminally ill after all.
  23. I agree totally with you jodlebirger about Brax taking Kyle in. That was ridiculous because Kyle left Casey in the desert to die. I don't know why he felt obliged to help him after he took the stand in court and helped Casey out . He did nothing special just telling the truth. So I didn't get that either and I was surprised that Casey took that so well as he found out Kyle lived in the house. But as he said later on.... 'How come whenever something bad happens to me the person responsible gets to live in my house` But also the stuff with Ricky was hard to take in because I doubt that she confessed because she wanted to help Casey. She did it because she knew that if she didn't do that, Brax would cut her off if he found out later (even if they were together). And she didn't care that something could happen to Casey while in prison or if Heath lost his daughter forever. She only cared about saving Brax and how she could be together with him. I get that she wanted to help her brother at first but after she found out he was wrong about Brax she could have warned Brax without Adam to know. And if Brax left Adam to die why mess with Casey and Heath family? I think she agreed with that because she didn't want Brax to get physically hurt. He was her only concern. And I highly doubt Adam would have killed her, even at the end he didn't do it despite having the opportunity. So I really don't have much sympathy for Ricky. I completely agree, I started disliking Brax's character bit by bit since Adam's revenge storyline - that wasn't Brax that came to the Bay. And for Kyle and Ricky to be forgiven was just absurd, what they did was unforgivable. I don't know why and how Kyle's changed his mind at the end as it was clear that he hated his brothers, but he basically went overnight from hating them to wanting to be part of the family. Brax made a deal with him to confess for kidnaping and in return he would get him a good lawyer, so we can't say that Kyle told a truth because he felt guilty. I think that Brax understood that Danny was bad influence on Kyle, but why move him into the house and move Casey to Natalie's - there were million other solutions for that and I didn't like that Brax chose Kyle over Casey (who was like his son) - and his explanation was that he wanted Casey to have fresh start - what?? The first time I saw that Kyle actually cares about Casey was when Casey got hurt in car accident. And regarding Ricky, I don't buy the fact that she was played by Adam, she knew exactly who Adam was and I believe that she knew what she was doing (at the end she was brought up by Adam); but at the end she switched sides (same as Andy), however it was too late. She had million opportunities to tell Brax the truth, but she was trying to 'protect him' so she kept quiet - yeah right! And for Brax to move her into the house where she spent days moping around playing a victim and crying over her destiny as she was facing jail (that she richly deserved) was just a charry on top. Even to bring Charlie back to convince Brax to forgive Ricky was just cheap shot for the fans to stand behind them as a couple. The only real reaction in that storyline was Casey's, if my family did that to me I would probably act the same. Heath hasn't shown any concerns about Casey (he was happy that he's got his daughter back) neither has Kyle (who was happy with Tamara - Casey's girlfriend). The only person in Casey's corner was Indi and I'm glad she returned the favour as Casey was there for her when Romeo left. But in that whole storyline the person who let Casey down the most was Brax - a man Casey idolised. If someone did that to my family (sent one brother to jail, get another brother to be chased by the police, take a child from the third brother and got me shot), no matter how much I loved them, played or not played, victim or not victim - I think I would put my relationship on hold and re-think things. Even if she helped the Braxtons by solving there problems whether they like or not, I don't really sympathize with or like her as a character. And I don't realy care if at the end she ends up alone.
  24. Steve about rumours that Bridgette left him because of his 'chemistry' with Bonnie. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/steve-peacocke-hits-out-at-rumours-fiance-walked-out-over-relationship-with-costar-bonnie-sveen/story-fnk825aa-1227058792363?pg=1#comments http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2755911/Bridgette-I-Home-Away-s-Steve-Peacocke-slams-reports-s-split-fianc-e-electric-fling-star-Bonnie-Sveen.html
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