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  1. 32 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    Hmm, well, that article doesn't actually mention Covid tests and most of the comments seem to be in the past tense. But whatever they're doing, it seems to be working: They've been making the show without strict social distancing for a year or more now, and there don't appear to have been any outbreaks.

    Off the topic. As far as I know in Australia Covid tests are not done at the workplace, you have to go to the clinic. Also, I haven't heard that anyone was tested daily (even people working at the hospitals or aged care, they also only have their temperature checked). H&A has been criticized a lot for having cast hugging and kissing, but considering they haven't changed a way of doing things even after criticism means they're not breaking the law. As you said whatever they're doing it's working. 

  2. 45 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

    Mikaere was the oldest Parata, then Ari, then Tane.   Mia may well have had Chloe at a young age, similar to Gemma having Nikau young, so possible she could be late 20's. 


    Mikaere was the oldest, but Ari is closer to Mikaere's age than Tane's. Ethan said in his initial interview that Ari was supposed to be 10 years older than Tane.  Also, Tane told Mac that by the time he started school Ari and Mikaere have already finished it and moved to Australia.

    Considering that Chloe can legally drink, she is at least 18, so even if Mia have had her at young age she can't be in her 20s (unless she gave birth at 11). 


  3. 2 hours ago, marcosb said:

    I was surprised to read that the actor who plays Arri is only 30, two years older than myself. I thought he would have been around late 30s. He is just 2 years older than Dean and 7 years older than Nikau. Tane looks much older than 29 too but it is the Hulk physique he has that makes him look older.

    Rob looks much older, and I believe that Ari's character is supposed to be in his late 30s. Apparently there's supposed to be a big age difference between Ari and Tane. Anna (Mia) is also 30, but considering that Chloe is at least 18 on the show, Mia's character is probably in her late 30s as well.  

  4. It's been like this for a while now.  

    If you edit post (and save) and then want to add something else, refresh the page because your previous edited post will be deleted. So basically you have to refresh between two edits. I hope this helps.  

    I never had my post completely deleted, but if I edit post without refreshing it goes back to my initial post. 

  5. 1 hour ago, H&Alover said:

    Why are people so obsessed with seeing people at their place of work, it's the same on UK soap FB pages.  

    For me it's more about continuity. Last season there was a big focus on the Paratas financial situation (living with Marilyn, struggling to pay rent when Gemma left for NZ, Tane getting a job, etc). Considering there was such a big focus on this, they don't have to be shown at the place of work, but simply wearing uniform or mentioning work would give the viewers an indication that there won't be yet another 'the Paratas need money' storyline. 

  6. 9 hours ago, H&Alover said:

    I thought it had been Tane that told Mia she could use their washing machine, this was when Ari and Mac were away.  Ari did act guilty when Mia burst in on him and Mac, he could have locked the door though to stop say Tane, Nik or Bella just walking in, surprised maybe, a bit silly which would be normal. As an aside was Mac paying for their hotel stay, it sounded pretty top end and all her buying posh gear, I didn't think Ari earned that much.🤔  

    Tane told Mia to use their washing machine and her gave her the key of the house. Tane didn't tell Ari that Mia's got the key. Probably because Mac's friend organised their luxury room Mac had money to pay for the gear, I don't think Ari works at all, I can't remember the last time he was in hi-vis shirt or mentioning the job.  

  7. 2 hours ago, pembie said:

    Nothing really interesting happened there for me Ziggy and Tane I don't like them. Mainly the whole way Ziggy moves on so quickly is quite a insult and distasteful after how long she was with Dean but anyway

    To be fair she's got together with Dean few weeks after she broke up with Brodie (and she's been with Brodie for a while), and it's been months now that she's not with Dean. Ziggy made it clear from the start that there was no going back, so she's allowed to move on. However I wish that the writers would give her more independent storylines, but then again there are people who just have to be in a relationship. 

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  8. Kristy Wright just ranted about a new character named "Chloe" on her Instagram: "Hey @homeandaway! I hear there is a new “Chloe” joining the show? Strange choice in Character name considering I played Chloe for 5 years. Have you run out of names or did you just forget? I mean I know my Chloe is dead and can’t return but it would have been nice of you to have allowed me to keep “Chloe” as my own legacy. Especially after 5 years of putting my heart and soul into a character. I’ve got to say... it kinda sucks. Oh well"

    "Am I crazy to be pissed off about this? I know it was a long time ago... but Chloe is a MASSIVE part of who I am and my history. And I feel like she’s been stolen from me. Like my Chloe meant nothing. I’m really upset."


  9. On 13/02/2021 at 03:03, Bri1231 said:

    I have watched Home and Away from episode one and it still remains my favourite ever tv show. What do you think of the decision not to address covid19 on the show? Basically ever other tv show I watch have addressed this and continue to do so. I read that the producers said " Who wants to see covid on a beach"? Erm, me!! I think a show that wants to remain relevant does. I don't know how it will feel to watch future episodes so disconnected from the current worldwide pandemic. What are your thoughts on this? 

    I'm quite happy to have 20 minutes Covid free TV. Even though Australia is doing better than other countries, it's still everywhere all the time. I'm glad the producers have decided not to do it. 

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  10. 11 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    I really don't understand that: What happened to Mackenzie saying all her debts to Rick were paid off all those months ago?

    Mac said that she paid off the debt for the restaurant, however Rick was still paying for the car. So the car might be rented and Rick was paying for it, or its his car but Mac is driving it. Either way it doesn't legally belong to Paul even though Mac made a deal. 


    20 minutes ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    Well, Tane interrupted Dean's latest attempt to get Ziggy to talk to him, but in the end it seemed as though Tane was the one most concerned by Dean's grim (or not so grim?) prediction of his future.

    I think that was the moment Tane realized he was falling for Ziggy. Until then he thought he was helping her because he owed her.

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  11. 31 minutes ago, Slade said:

    I was surprised Ari didn't complete lose it when Tane told him about the trouble he was in.  He actually handled it really well.  Interestingly, the drug dealer made clear his issue was with Tane and gave Ari every opportunity to stay out of it.  Most of the time these people will go after family and close friends.

    I think that Ari feels responsible for the way Tane turned out. I remember Ari telling Mac that Tane was the best student and well behaved kid until he went to jail. When he got out Tane was completely different person. He is aware that he and Mikaere were bad role models and now has no other choice but to back him up - he's the only brother he's got. Tane said that he was young when Ari and Mikaere moved to Australia, so I assume he's joined them maybe after finishing high school, however I would like to know where their parents are. I actually like seeing them get along. 

  12. 2 hours ago, H&Alover said:

    But Dean did say that.

    Tane didn't really have any choice but to fess up to Ziggy she can be very determined, but for now she is keeping schtum to Willow as to why it's important to get the van back.  Getting hold of £25,000 in two days would be hard to get hold of legally, even illegally would be tough, if not impossible.  OK Tane isn't a drug dealer so why did he agree to  transport them?

    Jai and Dean were both unconscious when Colby left, that was said numerous times. Colby caused the accident and left them without checking if they were OK. I can't remember once Dean saying that he told Colby to go - he would have no the reason to be angry at him. The reason why Dean forgave Colby was because he knew how important was for Colby to find Bella. 

    Tane didn't know drugs were in the van. Drugs were hidden in panels of the van. 

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  13. 9 minutes ago, Nephlim14 said:

    Thank You. Was it when she was still under Stockholm Syndrome and straight up hated Colby. I did read somewhere that she had gone through a phase like that.

    Bella threatened Colby on several occasions, from my memory it was when she found out and when Colby came to pick her up at the car race. Bella is aware that Ross was a bad person and that he brainwashed her in a way, but he was her dad and she loved him. We could see that from her talk with Nik at the beach after they found his body and how repulsed she was with Colby being all proud and happy that he managed to destroy all the evidence. I think the reason why she didn't report him was because he was her only family and not because she approved of what he's done. 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Nephlim14 said:

    Im not judging her for being mad at Dean about it, I just dont like how she treats it like it was a simple case of "he should have just turned him in". Im still going on information shared by other memebrs here.

    1. I agree that Dean didnt try to tackle the gun out of Colby's hands, but he did try to talk Colby out of it. The issue was that (and I cant believe this fact just got brushed over) Ross was a slippery psychopath. He abused his family, kidnapped and brainwashed his wife and daughter, killed the wife when she tried to run, and nearly killed Colby and the rest when they came for him.

    The more important point is that Ross managed to do this because he was apparently REALLY good at slipping away and messing with people from afar. Only reason Colby joined the force was because of this, and apparently that wasnt even enough. Colby killed him because he was under the convincing belief that if they tool him in he'd slip loose and come after them again.

    2. Dean keeping it from Ziggy wasnt as simple as she believes. On top of the fact that they didnt want to involve her for her own safety, they just wanted to move on on and leave him in the past. Dean had nightmares, got hooked on drugs and struggled with the trauma afterwards for a while. It wasnt a matter of anyone trying to hurt her.

    3. She really doesnt get to blame them for making her an accomplice when SHE was the one that kept demanding somebody tell her.

    Overall, to me, its not her being angry with him that irritates me, its the fact she's judging him and the others for a situation she hasnt even tried to get the full context of or tried to understand the position they were in at the time.

    I'm annoyed at the fact that Dean and Willow are trying to pawn off the whole situation with "Ross was a bad guy so it's OK". It can't be easy to get over the fact that your friends and boyfriend are covering up such a heinous crime. Dean knew Ziggy had trust issues as her previous two partners had cheated and lied to her, so with him keeping this massive secret he shouldn't have started the relationship if he couldn't be 100% honest (especially that he didn't want to pursue the relationship with Willow, who knew everything, for the same reason). But him having a child, and the way the whole situation is handled is also to blame for the break up. 

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  15. 55 minutes ago, Nephlim14 said:

    I must have missed that explanation in the episode. Also, another nugget of history I missed.

    Even though the crimes are different. She still found herself in an illegal situation where she could/should have just gone to the cops, but instead chose to cover it up out of loyalty to a friend. The thing that irks me about her judgement of Dean was how black and white she tries to make it.  

    I don't think it was mentioned in the episode, but viewers know that the Garage has got the history of being involved with stolen goods and stolen cars and that had been on the police radar before. She gave Tane an earful about putting Justin into danger. Unless Tane (who is now missing) admits the fault, it would be hard to prove that Justin didn't know anything about it. At first Ziggy chose easier option, she wanted the van gone - no van no problem. Now with Tane missing she's stuck with stolen goods and has no choice but to get rid of it. If Tane killed someone I doubt she would cover it up. 

    She was aware that Colby and Dean were not Saints, and was OK with their past, but the murder was something she couldn't just get over. She's got every right to be angry at Dean - he witnessed the man being killed and has done nothing about it. He kept that during their entire relationship, tried to deceive her when the body was found and finally he told her when he had no choice. Not to mention that he made her an accessory to murder. Even then she didn't report Colby.  

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  16. 3 hours ago, Nephlim14 said:

    I like where Ziggy is in right now. After giving Dean grief fro covering for Colby, she went and covered for Tane for a crime she doesnt even know the full details of. Hypocritical

    The main reason why she's covering for Tane is because of Justin. He trusted her with his business and she doesn't want to put more pressure on him. 'The Garage' has alredy been involved into few dodgy deals with Ash, Andy and Willow, going to the police would just make it worse for Justin. Not to mention there is a lot of difference between covering up stolen goods and the murder. 

    Dean's got a lot of reasons to blame Colby for all the bad things that had happened to him, but this was not one of it. Colby couldn't help in this case. Dean might be Jai's dad biologically but he's not legally. He should've sorted this out the moment Amber told him the truth. He also shouldn't blame Colby for losing Ziggy, he started the relationship hiding this massive secret, while not wanting to renew his relationship with Willow because 'she deserves better'. Although Dean is in this position because of Colby, he should only blame himself. His blind loyalty to Colby has cost him everything.

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  17. I've noticed that the characters are wearing winter clothes (hoodies, jackets, long sleeve shirts)  which was unheard of before. Few years ago Ada said in an interview that the they're asking the producers to wear something warmer but they're refused because 'it's always sunny in the Summer Bay'). Tbh I'm glad that they started introducing winter clothes because a lot of my friends from Europe thought that we only wore bikini and tank tops.  

  18. 4 hours ago, H&Alover said:

    I may be way, way off here but did it look like Tane was having trouble filling in that application form?  I don't see why he was so defensive about telling Ari he had a job at the garage.:unsure:  Interesting talk between Ari and Mac re her reluctance to spend the night at his,  seemed reasonable enough, but is it for her sake or Tane's. 


    I think he was having a hard time filling in that application form because he was having 'identity crisis'. I think he was missing his old life, the one Ari didn't approve off, and wasn't really sure if he wanted to start a new job just to be on Ari's good side. He told Nik before if it wasn't for him he would've left the Bay. Ari decided that he wanted out of criminal world (not that I blame him) and expected everyone else in the family to follow him, when Tane refused Ari cut him off and told him to stay away from Nik.  

    The reason why he was so defensive was because he wanted Ari not to assume he would go back doing dodgy deals, but Ari being Ari he brought that up. And on the top of that he was angry at Ari and Mac for blaming him for their problems. Regarding Mac, I still think she's pretty much into Tane and it will be interesting to see the way she handles the situation now that he said he was done. 

  19. 36 minutes ago, H&Alover said:

    OK Lila_Q - I'll give you that, but as Head of ED I suppose while he is there he does come under Tori work wise.  I suppose you mean someone like Jacob in our drama series Casualty, he's Clinical Nurse Manager, any nursing decisions/complaints is dealt with by them.  Have we ever seen a Clinical Nurses Manager at NDH?

    I think it was only mentioned once by Jasmine, but we haven't seen them. H&A still have doctors 'in charge' of whole department, like when Alex told Jasmine off because she was having lunch with Willow at the hospital. Tbh I didn't really care, but my friend who is a nurse had real issue with it, because according to her Alex should've told Nurses Manager so that they could deal with Jasmine.

    But in TV shows nothing is like in the real life, and they had to have Alex and Willow meet somehow. 😆

    Regarding Tori and Christian, tbh I don't really know, but I assume with him being the specialist he is in charge of his specialty and Tori of hers. I don't think Tori has the power to overrule Christian's decision regarding neurology or tell him what to do. But doctors consultants should just come and go, not hang around ED. 

  20. 10 hours ago, H&Alover said:

    Only light relief was the Tori/Christian/Jasmine story.  From what I saw it looked like Tori is Christian's boss - he was deferring to her when she was issuing her orders.   She, Tori, was really sniffy with Jasmine and Christian and she left Jasmine totally confused with her "be careful who you trust" talk.  Maybe he shouldn't have but I'm glad Justin blabbed, at least Jasmine wasn't left thinking Tori had changed her mind about the AVO and explained everything.  Jas' matchmaking didn't quite come off the way she planned right away.  Really chuckled🤣 when Tori burst through the doors at home ranting on and made the remark about the 'hot doc' only to find him sitting there.😳   Leah dragging Justin out to feed poor Buddy - who's' been abandoned in the garden again - so Christian and Tori could talk.  Hs admission that the only person he was interested was her was sweet and him saying he called her the 'hot doc' as he left made her day.  

    Tori is not Christian's boss, she is Head of ED and he is neurosurgeon working at Neurology Department and he just comes to ED for consultations. Funny thing is that in real life Tori wouldn't be Jasmine's boss either, because in Australia nurses and doctors are managed by different managers, but H&A likes to present it 'old way' which makes my nurses friends angry.😂

  21. Since I've been watching the show there were only two recasts - Hayley and VJ and tbh I didn't like either.

    Elle was talented and beautiful, but she stayed for a very short period of time for me to get used to her. Also, I know that they wouldn't and shouldn't cast anyone based on their look, but Elle and Rebecca looked completely different. At least they could've cast someone with blonde hair, or had Elle dye her hair blonde. Even when Bianca went from blonde to brunette it has been done gradually over time. 

    Tbh I found VJ's recast funny. One day he was a kid fixing motorcycle with Brax, and few weeks later he was grown up having a baby and getting married. 


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