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  1. I absolutely love this amazing story, being a major Jack fan, and of Jack/Martha, this intrigues me the most. I do enjoy reading, and have enjoyed the pace of the story. Which I find most hard in writing myself. Enjoying this!
  2. I think the whole thing with John and Gina, was amazing. But him with Marilyn, and her with him.... just makes me cringe. Marilyn's been out for him for awhile and I loved Gina, so it just irks me a lot that they're together...but it seems real soon after Gina's death. In saying that, I must commend her for the suggestion she had about naming the school library in memory for Gina - in Jet's quest.
  3. Dislike him, the most out of anyone currently acting on the soap. The whole needing to be in a relationship and loneliness just drives me nuts. The whole minute he is in a relationship with Denny he thinks he loves her, and as said that about Indi too...
  4. Morag! I miss the annoying woman! Annoying, rude, opinionated but really funny at times too... I'm on the edge to whether I like or dislike her!
  5. I don't like him, regardless of his situation at home. I just think it's a way of goading the bad boy image to hon something caring. He's still a bit of a twat for me... plus I love Spencer with Sasha...
  6. Waiting patiently, to be granted access.

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