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  1. Hey, Cheers for that Dan F, I had been looking for it for ages and just never found it! (probably not helped by a couple of mis-quotes on the lyrics from me.....!) Sam
  2. 'Boys will be Boys' is a fave of mine too! I am sure I heard 'Run to Paradise' also by The Choirboys on occasion too...! Other songs I have heard coming from the Diner Jukebox include: - Paul Kelly - Dumb Things Chantoosie - Kiss and Tell Kings of the Sun - Serpentine I really like the 'Won't Back Down' sound-a-like too (any clues on who it is by?) One song I really like, but have been struggling to find any info on was played quite a bit in Summer of 1989 (epi. 311-381) had the lyrics '.......on the right track, There's a Monkey on my shoulder, Take that chip right off my back, ....when I get back with you we're both gonna crack' It's in Episode 311 (at 19:30-20:00, before scene change, going into the Summer Bay Classic 'Santa Never Stops in Summer Bay No More...!) Anyone recognise it?
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