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  1. Teeeeee, that was awesome =]] *loves it* update soon
  2. That was really good Cal, i love it more each update =]]] cant wait for more
  3. Ok, I'll just resussitate him =]] and then hypnotize him and he shall be with you =]]

  4. Tee Thankls Jane and Lowi =]] maybe Sally wont find out?? lol
  5. =O you'd love to kill off Kelli =O nooooooooooooo yooh cant do that =[

  6. Should be up very soon =]]

  7. Hee, that was fcuking loverly Jane =]] loved it, is there going to be more ??
  8. Kat =[ I just downloaded cs2 off limewire and its asking for a serial number and i dont know it =[[

  9. =]]]]]]]]] twas aweshum Jane i luffed it =]]]]]]]]]

  10. Its a two lined pressie =]] LOL nah joking =] cant wait for the rest of my pressie =]]]
  11. Squee that was freaking awesome Roccoluver =]] thanksies heehee i shall put your pressie up when im done =]
  12. Dahahaha thanxx

    Someone deleted it i think =[

  13. Taha your present should be up soonish

  14. Dahahahaha im still 17 =] teehee. Im all teh way in Auckland =] =[

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