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  1. Anyone want to do the next chapter for me? lol
  2. I'm pretty muchly stuck =[ it might be a long time before an update comes =[ Sorry guys!
  3. Wow i didnt actually think anyone would want me to =l Well im very muchly stuck, all i've done is Kelli's had the Baby! But i'll try and do more =p
  4. =[[ sorry guys i havent updated in agers =[, does anyone even want me to update lol?
  5. Thanks Jane, it would of been more than a oneshot if i didnt have the other fics
  6. Ethan LOL your av ish in my thread =pp well one of them are i shall do more soon =[ the cat juat scratched me =l damn cat!!

  7. Hee that was awesome Reo =p cant wait for the next update!
  8. My evil Nephew was here sorry!! But im back now =p

  9. Go the whatcha ma call it threazd gah cant remember teh name LOL

  10. Please dont take any of the Kelli av's BttbRox made for me =p ask her to make some for ya =p

  11. No prob =p hope you liked it =p im not really good at sigs

  12. Hello Janey Waney =p

  13. Heyy ur sig is up if you want it =pp

  14. Here it is BoredBoredBored tell me if you dont like it
  15. Awesome Fic Jane =pp hope to read more fics from you in the future
  16. Hey Jane, =p My nephew has a dog named Rocco LOL im random hee

  17. Hee thaat was awesome Cal =pp cant wait to read the last bit
  18. Will this help?? LOL, let play a game, you have 60 seconds to unlock the face clamp before it locks!!. Hope it helps LOL you know that Jigsaw guy?
  19. You know the movie Saw? Well can some one do a fic on that? please
  20. LOL i didnt tell yooh i was doing a new fic did i??

  21. Love the Maddie av's =pp and the HSM ones to they pretty loverly =pp
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