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  1. haha lol!! hee cant wait =pp

  2. Helloooooooooo Zoe/Kelli!!

  3. Hello Jazer =p hee first comment, hope you dont mind but im going to add you as a friend

  4. hee its nothing big lol

  5. Can a libririan (sp) please put this in the library its completed =p
  6. Hee that was awesome Reo, poor Mattie =[ cant wait to read future fics from you =p
  7. Kelli musn't tell you on here lol Kelli will tell you on msn

  8. I know something you dont know and it has to do with amanda and Cassie =p

  9. Well my first dog was a staffie x i called her Jessie but she was to big =[, now i got a fox terrior =p her names spot lol, and about 6 cats, 2 birds and fishies lol

  10. she's gawjuss, what breed s she?

  11. Helllllllllllllllo Ethan =p

  12. Nawteh nawteh LOL ew you'll never guess what my dog did last night

  13. Eth, you could of told me you were doing an update lol then i woulda started the next part what ever that is lol

  14. Ethaaaaaaaaan, Nicole stole our stick fan fic and posted it on bebo =[[

  15. Thanks guys =p more should be up as soon as i start writing it
  16. Anyone wanyt some good news? LOL well i've written more to this fic so more could be up today or tomorrow maybe =p
  17. My new fave song lol Tony Orlando- Knock three times
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