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  1. Saw 3 lol it was disgustin g i cant believe they all died =[
  2. Hmmm the bullet could of gone right through him!. Hee thanks Jen and Andy =p
  3. Hee hello Ethan =p long time no speak!! how are yooh??

  4. Be patient lol there shall be one soon mauybe
  5. Hee nuffing much =o my nana asked to borrow a thousand dollars =o bish lol i only gave her 600 lol. omg its so cold here =[[

  6. Its been updated =p!!!

  7. More should be up soon guys =pp even though i've got a new computer lol
  8. tis going ok i supose might try and finish before the gang to =pp

  9. Eth, I never stopped talking to yooh =p

  10. Hee i found an easier way of doing it =pp

  11. Ethan, lol sorry i haven't been on MSN tut i haven't installed the modem yet =[[

  12. =o i've lost my new rocco fic to =o lol i forgot about that =[[

  13. Yup twas your turn =pp

  14. omg guess what, i've lost all my fan fics =o sad i know what part of summer bay stick am i doing??

  15. Ethaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! sorry i havent been on just got wireless broad band and dont know how to install it lol, im on my phone lol i can use it as a modem heehee

  16. Hee im glad you liked it Andy =pp didnt think you would =o
  17. Hee thanks you two =p hope he does like it =p And Jen there is no more =p
  18. Im good thanks, Im emma Btw

  19. Here's a fic i started its Andy's late birthday present =p sorry its so late lol, Title: Killing Me Softly Type of story: One shot Rating: A maybe R Main Characters: Tracey, Eve, Peter Genre: Drama/Angst Warnings: Violence and maybe Death Is Story being proof read: No Summary: Tracey tells Eve she cant live two lives and gets her to see if she can do it so they swap places for a day.
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