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  1. Biig shorty fan :L:P LOL I've been on shortyy once :o. I liike H&A too :P

  2. Hey!! Got ur letter yesterday i think it was lol! Can you pm me ur addy again lol cuz i kinda ripped it when i opened the letter! lol... xoxoxoxo

  3. LOL and jen dont really like neighbours she said she only watched two episodes to shut you up HA LOL and u think ur witH Pheobe only in ur dreams darling =p

  4. LOL jen dont make me laugh!!. they were prob cancelled cuz u have so much =p

  5. Hey Hey Hey lol just thought i'd drop by and say hello and ask how you were, so how are you??

  6. Mikle if this is you stop making so many god damn accounts u can only have one!! and i apologize if ur not Mikle

  7. Doesn't it feel good to be obsessed LOL Heehee

  8. LOL i thougt it was you haha joking!!

  9. Hee hello Ethan =p long time no speak!! how are yooh??

  10. Hee nuffing much =o my nana asked to borrow a thousand dollars =o bish lol i only gave her 600 lol. omg its so cold here =[[

  11. Its been updated =p!!!

  12. tis going ok i supose might try and finish before the gang to =pp

  13. Eth, I never stopped talking to yooh =p

  14. Hee i found an easier way of doing it =pp

  15. Ethan, lol sorry i haven't been on MSN tut i haven't installed the modem yet =[[

  16. =o i've lost my new rocco fic to =o lol i forgot about that =[[

  17. Yup twas your turn =pp

  18. omg guess what, i've lost all my fan fics =o sad i know what part of summer bay stick am i doing??

  19. Ethaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!! sorry i havent been on just got wireless broad band and dont know how to install it lol, im on my phone lol i can use it as a modem heehee

  20. Im good thanks, Im emma Btw

  21. haha lol!! hee cant wait =pp

  22. Helloooooooooo Zoe/Kelli!!

  23. Hello Jazer =p hee first comment, hope you dont mind but im going to add you as a friend

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