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  1. yay! You updated! Love this one, as usaual, Jess! You rock! I can't believe Maddie's gone...
  2. Jack and Maddie? Well, that's interesting! Great work...This looks great
  3. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Thanyou....And no, she won't recover!
  4. Oh no! Milko's turned! *Bursts into Tears* But great anyway!
  5. ooh, I love this story! Great as usual...(you really are a great writer Jess!)
  6. This is great, I love it so much! And thanks for the double update Did I tell you how much I love it...?
  7. Awesome Jess! I love how it is so different and edgier than all the other stories here. Great work!
  8. Oh, I just got home from school, so sorry! I love this! Please keep going :cool:
  9. Awesome! Mama Rose looks so evil!
  10. oooh! I love that Rachel one! Well done
  11. Yay! I'm an oldie now!
  12. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Did anyone actually read this chapter? If so, I'll write another soon.
  13. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Of course! On Friday...My day off, I'll write more. Promise!
  14. Hey everyone! Greetings form Bundoora Secondary! What's everyone up to?
  15. That's so awesome! Sally has to stay with Pippa! SHe has to! Otherwise, great!
  16. Awwww! That chapter was so cute! Great writing :-D
  17. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Everyone, Relax! I do have a lot more to go, so evrything might sort itself out!
  18. -Tess-

    Support Group

    ^^ I'm agreeing with encouraging_angels. Just be there, support her, and try to get her help. Don't ignore her; She'll most likely need your support. Just try to ignore that fact of what happened if she wants you too,Because once it gets around to everyone, people will stop and look, and she'll need someone to act normally around her.
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