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  1. Charlotte's Song - Rebecca LaVelle (i'm obsessed!)
  2. I'm gonna go to bed, im so tired. Talk to you guys later! Goodnight
  3. -Tess-

    Support Group

    ^^ She's probably just stressed about her HSC, my brother was the same when he did it. Try talking to her after her exam results come, and she will probably be calmer and easier to talk to. If not, then she wasnt the person you thought she was, and she's not worth ebing upset about. But I am sure the first answer's the right one!
  4. Rebecca LaVelle - Charlotte's Song
  5. Hey Tashas_angel, not much. What about you?
  6. Can I please save the 2nd one to use later? I love it!
  7. McLeod's Daughters Soundtrack - Rebecca Lavelle - Charlotte's Song
  8. What's Going On? - Various Celebrity Artists
  9. Ohhh i hate brain freezes! I get the whenever i eat even the samllest bit of slurpie! Anyyyways...I'm off to bed. Goodnight to you all!
  10. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Its already started...Ill get the link... http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17719
  11. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Thats fine! But there is a sequel!
  12. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Thanks, but this fics finished!
  13. -Tess-

    Happily Ever After

    Dont worry about it! You have nothing to feel stupid about
  14. That happened to my older bro' too, jack4martha. except he was only meant to use $40, but he used $600, so I'm guessing yours isn't quite that bad?
  15. I'm going to bed..Night peoples!
  16. -Tess-

    Support Group

    maybe get a new councillor if they pressure you.
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