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  1. Excellent, I was looking at the results of the last one the other day. Now to think of my choices... one is probably obvious
  2. Is there going to be a most popular character poll this year?
  3. Brilliant post. It is great in H&A when the long termers get storylines but it’s a shame for the most part they are just in the background.
  4. It feels like Irene and Alf haven’t been around at the same time for ages. Alf had his long honeymoon then Irene went away just after he came back, now she’s back and Alf’s off again.
  5. I remember all of this. I think from the 2004 summaries I started watching around episode 3791, some 950 episodes after the move from ITV. I remember being disappointed Pippa wasn’t coming to the christening due to an airport strike.
  6. Can anyone tell me what has happening in the show in March 2005 UK time? As that’s when I started watching again, after the switch from ITV to channel 5. Not sure if the Sutherlands were still in it but I think I remember the siege at Leah’s house. I can also recall Sally writing Morag’s name on pieces of card and a meeting at Irene’s led by Morag about hidden cameras or something. I also vaguely remember an episode where an Australian singer sang Silent Night at the caravan park, which had a definite season finale feel to it.
  7. Great to see Irene back. A lot can happen in 5 weeks in Summer Bay, as she found out at lunch with Willow and Jasmine. Had to feel for Marilyn, her and John have had problems for a while and it wouldn’t be fair to either of them if she stayed with him out of obligation. Finally the penny dropped for Tori over Jasmine’s recent manipulations. I wonder will Tori find out about the forum and how Jasmine has been pretending Grace is her child. Farewell to Ben and Maggie, it’s been quite a 3 years since their arrival and was pleasing to hear references to their early days at the farewell lunch and how they’ve grown to become part of the community over the years. What really endeared them to me was the cancer storyline and their love for each other as a family and the bond between them through that story.
  8. It’s about time they gave Morag some proper closure, she was one of the greats and an appearance from Morag throughout the 00s and last few years was always a treat. As has been mentioned previously more use could’ve been made of her between 2010-2017, but I suppose it all depended on how long Cornelia Frances wanted to return for.
  9. Thank you, I’d wondered how much of a shock it would’ve been to viewers. Even knowing what happens to Bobby it’s still heart rending stuff.
  10. I just remembered Ross Buckton had it. One of the standout storylines of the 2008/09 era. Alf I think was younger than Irene when they thought he had it and it turned out to be a brain tumour. I hope Irene doesn’t leave for many years yet
  11. I found this frustrating when she came back, Alf and Martha’s on screen conversation didn’t go into as much depth as I would have liked. Has Ailsa even been mentioned?
  12. Was Bobby's death known about in advance of transmission in Australia or the UK?
  13. Would be a good storyline to do with Irene, would really be emotional. Lynne is great when given something to get her teeth into.
  14. Good to see Leah getting something meaty, so many questions as to how she ended up with Douglas which I hope will be answered later. I hope the aftermath of her ordeal isn't rushed and she's back working at the diner again in a couple of weeks. Anyone else find it strange when Alf got married while Leah was missing? And then to go on his honeymoon while she was still missing. I thought the actor who played Douglas looked familiar, he appeared in 2008 (I thought he'd kidnapped Rachel but then I remembered it was Aiden)
  15. Wow I didn't realise Pippa had another child after leaving in 1998, and don't recall any mention in her 2005-2009 appearances. Was always great to see Pippa pop back!
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