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  1. Great update as always you never fail. Love the Ruby and Charlie one on one time I hope Ruby supports Charlie I think she will. Glad to see Chax get back on track dying to see them move into the New house with the kids. I hope this pregnancy runs smoothly for Charlie I think a new baby is what they need.
  2. Owww what a great update, I'm glad to see Bianca has came to except the baby she is carrying now it's nice to read about her excitement and not her fear, I'm excited for this new addition in the Braxton household, I hope Charlie comes to except this new baby i agree with Binca i think this is what Chax need to get back to that happy place again, i really hope Brax makes it up to her and charlie lets him. Good on Ruby been there for April shes been so supportive April is lucky to have her, im glad to see everything slowly coming good for everyone i just hope April hasn't got to see Pete again a
  3. Oww Danni I have missed this story, I hope the new job is going well. Christmas in Summer Bay how exciting, I hope Grace is pleased with her presents and they get to hold Isaac at the hospital. I really think this will make Charlie feel alot better, Brax is such a great support system for Charlie. It's so sweet Xavier asking Charlie for her permission to marry Ruby, I think this is going to be a special day in the Buckton/Braxton household.
  4. Can't believe Charlie is pregnant as much as I thought she was I thought there was going to because lil twist, I hope her and brax work things out? I'm a bit shocked he asked Charlie was it his, he has a lot of making up to do
  5. Come on Charlie be pregnant. I love the chat with Bianca and April I'm glad April came to Bianca, I wonder if she will go through with the abortion after all, it would be strange but good if April, Bianca and Charlie are pregnant.
  6. Heath the soft sod, it's sweet reading about Heath been good and behaved as there is only enough bad boy heath a girl can take. Ruby and April are such great support systems together they are going to pull out of this closer then ever. Chax getting the house yay I'm excited for them the kids will be stoked, I hope it turns out Charlie been pregnant I think a baby will bring Chax back to Chax again
  7. Awh I hope lil Grace has a great christmas and Chax try to enjoy and embrace the morning with Grace, I hope they get some comfort from holding Isacc
  8. OMG I can't believe Bianca was pregnant with twins. Does that vanishing twin really exsist Dan ? I really hope it comes out that Charlie is pregnant soon. I really want her and Brax to have another baby. They seriously need to get back together properly. The kids are so funny I love little family moments like this with them
  9. I'm excited for Chax to hold Isaac. I really hope he is ok and Chax pull out of this closer than ever.
  10. Poor Brax having to get the vasectomy. I bet that the kids get a pet and the house soon, I need some happy Chax in my life. I hope Charlie is pregnant, poor Bianca you hope she doesn't lose this baby it will tear them apart.
  11. Congratulations on the job Danni, I'm really pleased to hear you will still be writing these great stories of yours for us. I'd really miss them if you didn't. Chax and little Toby make my life
  12. I hope Charlie is pregnant I feel bad on Brax been asked to get a vasectomy it is a lot of ask of him I understand from Charlie's point of view but as a man that kind of procedure can't be easy. Glad April finally confessed to Bianca, I feel bad on Bianca that April didn't confide in her sooner she must feel so helpless but April needed Charlie's advice on this, Bianca has enough going on with struggling to deal with been pregnant and Katie
  13. Isacc I love that name it's gorgeous, it's nice that they distracted each other by choosing name for the little guy, I hope Liz leaves Charlie alone I know she's just been nice but its not easy for Charlie she's stressed out enough at the minute worrying about Isacc she doesn't need reminders of Angelo at this time. Brax is been so good through all of this I know he feels useless but I'm so glad he's letting his emotions out and getting close to Ruby I think they both need each other none of this can be easy on her at the moment
  14. Charlie been pregnant to go Dan I hope she is, New house, New baby, New beginnings for them It will be really nice Brsx will be stoked, Charlie Is going to think brax probably punched holes In the condom again, I can't believe Noah hated the guinea pig after how excited he had been, Toby " he can have my veggies he's so funny him and Ella wind eachother up something terrible
  15. Ow no, you have my nerves gone with this story. I really hope Brax's dream was a premonition, I can't bear to think what will happen with if something more went wrong. I hope Brax gets to be a match it will help him if he knows he can help his son.
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