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  1. "Eight below" - I cried from the beginning til the end. It was so sad and sweet.
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean - dead man's chest. I love that movie, I love Jack, I love pirates, I love the Pearl. That movie just kicked ass, it was the greatest. I almost had a cramp in my stomch because of all the laughing. Of course the end was not so fun, because of that thing what happend, but the part where Tia Dalma(or Tia Lama or something like that) told that he could be saved i was almost jumping up and down on my seat Real good movie. No,better then good, it has to be the best movie of the year.
  3. I'm so-so happy that everything is back to normal. I so missed the old forum.
  4. It's so-so cold. -28 degrees! It's like living in Antarctica. It's freezing and weather isn't going any warmer I hate living in North Europe.
  5. There's so much snow-realy much snow. Even too much-if i can say so. And it's just keeps coming and coming Weather is very snowy in Estonia and so beautiful.
  6. A the moment is snowing and -5°C And wind is horrible
  7. Vanilla Ninja - "Blue Tattoo" Great song
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