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  1. it's weird hearing music from the late 80's/early 90's that my parents used to listen to on the show. Takes me back to my childhood. It never really occurred to me that my parents listened to popular music, I was too young at the time to comprehend the idea of what was pop and what wasn't. I started realizing it around the Spice Girls era when I got into music.
  2. Triangles are always going to be a part of the show, this is a soap after all. But they need to write all their triangles better, they're doing a good job with Tam/Kyle/Casey, its a pity they're throwing all their good writing in that one and leaving all the cliches for the Spencer/Maddy/Sasha triangle.
  3. I agree about seeing him smile. So rare, and he's been doing it a lot more lately, even more gorgeous when we get to see those pearly whites!
  4. Agreed about Kelly. She's really done a great job with this storyline. i think she's one of the better young actresses to come through the show recently.
  5. To be honest I never thought these episodes would be re-aired again. I'm excited to watch them for the first time.
  6. They are just running Maddy into the ground with this storyline and writing. She's not going to have any friends left on the show, and no fans left. :l
  7. Spencer didn't jump right into it with Sasha. There were weeks between, almost a month I think? Maddy messed him around right when they broke up, saying she wanted to get back together and then breaking up again. Why would he want to continue waiting for her to make up her mind? He moved on, as most people do. Maddy is the one who needs to grow up and move on. She can't let it go, even though she was the one who broke up with him. She brought this on herself. And her being so mean to Sash is just so rude. I am really disliking Maddy right now with the way she's treating Sash. Poor Sash doesn't deserve the aggro. She tried to do the right thing and tell Maddy right away, but Spencer was the wimp who was too scared to do it.
  8. This isn't an "obsession" with Kyle. It's real feelings. And she doesn't love him yet I don't think, she hasn't verbalized it yet. I'm kinda glad they didn't have her say it back to Kyle when he said he loved her, her emotions are way too complicated right now. I want her to get everything back and then say it to him when she's back to "normal" and realizes her true feelings.
  9. I can see Kyle and Sash becoming friends down the line once the Casey/Tam/Kyle stuff calms down, cause obviously his whole storyline right now will be that, and he doesn't have time to branch out and be friendly with other characters right now.
  10. I agree. I hope they've learned from the mess they made of Ruby. And Martha. And Haley. And any other popular character that they drove into the ground with endless storylines, usually revolving around their flavor of the month (or week). It's better to develop characters slower, and let the public fall in love with them organically rather than shoving them in our faces with major storyline after storyline. That's essentially what happened with the River Boys, and I don't think they're as well liked as they were in the beginning. I love where they are taking Sasha now, and I hope they keep developing her well so she becomes a core of the younger cast and a beloved character. I don't really feel like we've had a character like that on the show since Belle.
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