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  1. I agree. I was just starting to really like Casey and Tamara together but I am really not looking forward to seeing this love triangle play out. I mean we just about got over the Sasha/Casey/Tamara love triangle now we have to watch Casey/Tamara/Kyle love triangle. I think they did this too soon. She may be little but she's got fire in her. I actually like Tamara, and the nick names that the other character give her like, Heath calling her Mighty Mouse .
  2. Is she part of the cast too? I hope they keep Rosie around I actually like her. People think she's crazy, she's not she's just lonely. I really like Rosie and Sasha's friendship and hope to see more.
  3. To be honest at first I was beginning to like Kyle's character. We saw him do everything he could to be part of the Braxton family. He helped Casey with his trial, saved Heath by talking to Jamie, helped keep Angelo's running for Brax. But now this thing with Tamara, he's risking all of it for her?!?! There was such potential for Kyle, if only we could've seen him actually spend some more time with his brothers.
  4. Is Tamara a guest star still, because she came before Spencer and Maddy but they are listed as a part of the cast and she's stll a guest star?
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