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  1. Im liking him as far, he reminds me of Jack Holden and that’s a good thing seeing as Jack was my favorite character
  2. I couldn’t find the thread for Robbo, now that he’s a main character I’m really curious as to how he will get free after having killed a lot of people. I feel it’s just to unrealistic, even for Home and Away but I’m happy he’s here to stay I have a feeling that he will hook up with Tori
  3. I like her, I hope she gets promoted to main cast. I also really hope that Boyd returns, that scene with him going to the police station couldn’t possibly have been the last we saw of him. He is most likely very mad at her and Justin and out for revenge
  4. Thank you for the answer, it was driving me nuts not knowing for sure I googled "Josef Ber Home and Away" and the only info about him and Home and Away was this character http://www.backtothebay.net/characters/matthews_dr_greg/ which I honestly can’t remember at all
  5. That detective guy that appeared near the end of last year along with that blonde woman, was that Josef Ber? I’ve tried searching but I only find info about a 10+ year old character. I really think they look a like, if it’s not him I’m almost 100% sure I’ve seen him before. Anyone knows? Oh and how home there’s no info about the character that Josef Ber played in late 2011 (or it could be 2012)? That abusing husband of the woman that Sid fell in love with
  6. Is there any place I can legal watch the episodes he's in?
  7. I recently found out that he had a guest stint on the show in 1991, is there anyone here's who's watched the episodes from then that can remember him? How was his character? I'm very curious, im a fan of him and I couldn't find any info on it at all
  8. It's weird how the first actor quit He was my favorite character, his death scene was heartbreaking
  9. I can't imagine the show without him, I don't want to
  10. I liked him, it was a shame that he died Didn't Axel first appear in 2008?
  11. I actually kinda hope that Olivia is bisexual and they get in a relationship. It would be hot
  12. Same It hurted to watch his exit Wondering if he was axed or if he left
  13. One of the best characters the show ever had. Her and Jacks relationship was magic
  14. I don't know why but I though Phoebe's and Dom's relationship was awkward
  15. Am I the onlyone who don't see any problem with her?:P
  16. Her exit felt more like a Sasha 2.0 exit, leaving him devastated... I wonder tho if this was the last we ever saw of her and that she will never return. It's a shame if so because she has became a part of the Stewart family, Alf was like a grandfather while Roo was like s mother while Evie became like a sister
  17. What about Snelgrove? Though he was still there?
  18. Old habits are hard to turn away. Once a thug, always a thug I guess /:
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