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  1. This was a such sweet ending! :wub:

    I'm so happy they're all happy and it's great to see VJ and Hunter in awe of their baby sister, and that Hunter is adopted and finally has the family he wanted.

    I loved the name for the baby, it was really sweet to call her after Charlie and Denny :wub:

    I'm so sad this has ended :( I'll have to go back and read it all over again!

    Can't wait to read your future writing! :D

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  2. This story is amazing! I literally read this 3 hours straight.

    I really did like the whole Peter/Amanda part in the story, apart from when he kidnapped Zac, not cool man. 

    I love that they now got a happy ending and hope that Hunter doesn't freak out about the baby, and feel that he can be part of the family. 

    I can't believe it's nearly finished!

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