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  1. Been putting ideas towards a story today, un-sure whether I will write about it

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    2. InfantryAlex


      SOOO EXCITED! :wub:

    3. JessieCharlotte


      I wouldn't get too excited I'm not that good :wacko:

    4. InfantryAlex


      I don't believe you! I have faith in you! 

  2. No problem! they are addictive :D amazing writer :D cant wait till you next update :) xx

  3. Heyy! just wanted to say i love your avatar the coloring is beautiful!

  4. Omg I'm not the only one who likes sasha and casey together! Woo but I wanted to say I adore your Fic :D ~ Jess xxx

  5. Hey I love your personal pic they just the amazing couple :) xxx

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