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  1. This was a such sweet ending! I'm so happy they're all happy and it's great to see VJ and Hunter in awe of their baby sister, and that Hunter is adopted and finally has the family he wanted. I loved the name for the baby, it was really sweet to call her after Charlie and Denny I'm so sad this has ended I'll have to go back and read it all over again! Can't wait to read your future writing!
  2. Aw this is so sweet Hunter has finally got his family he wanted It's great to see Leah's family too and they liked Zac so bonus! It was all so sweet, can't wait for your next update
  3. Been putting ideas towards a story today, un-sure whether I will write about it

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    2. InfantryAlex


      SOOO EXCITED! :wub:

    3. JessieCharlotte


      I wouldn't get too excited I'm not that good :wacko:

    4. InfantryAlex


      I don't believe you! I have faith in you! 

  4. This story is amazing! I literally read this 3 hours straight. I really did like the whole Peter/Amanda part in the story, apart from when he kidnapped Zac, not cool man. I love that they now got a happy ending and hope that Hunter doesn't freak out about the baby, and feel that he can be part of the family. I can't believe it's nearly finished!
  5. Ahh i love this fic so much cant wait for more! Really good that Paige and Casey are getting on
  6. I've updated Coming Undone (: and might be updating my other couple of fanfics soon :)

  7. Yeah I do that too might order the new Tatylor Swift CD this friday and a buy a CD I want this friday I almost always have to get them the day they come out and yeah I don't think I will have them break up may do the enxt chapter tomorrow but then I have to send it off to bed proofread by matticus01 I should go to sleep now it's 11:23pm here lol

  8. haha my friends try to get me to wait for Christmas but I'm like must have now (: I may buy the new Taylor Swift CD when it comes out in a few weeks :D I have a fanfic based around SB teens and 1D lol its called Summer bay meets One Direction :D

  9. Awesome can

    t wait to read it love your personal photo I'm a 1D fan too I already pre-ordered there new CD (:


  10. Naw thanks I did write stories and poems from 14 until about 17 now I enjoy doing fanfics lol

    You should post some fanfics on here lol

  11. No problem! they are addictive :D amazing writer :D cant wait till you next update :) xx

  12. Thanks for commenting my fanfic I have 2 others I may update in the next day or so <3

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