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  1. Charles Cottier went into my Mum's work a few weeks ago. My cousin (who also works there) served him. I used to collect autograph's but not anymore. Anyway he wrote a a message for me on a piece of paper and signed it for me.
  2. I found this interview with Josh today. It's a rather odd interview, but he seems to be having fun...
  3. +~Nicole~+

    All Saints

    Yeah that was him. I was looking at the credits and found the name of the guy, Ryan Johnson as Conrad Hagan. I thought he looked like Reshad too. He's in the U.S though. The guy with the leg tumours name, Joey Atkins as Nat Ferres. I love Mike too. He's one of my favourites. On the Tv Week website in the discussion thread some posted that Sean dies in a car accident and it was filmed 2 weeks ago. I REALLY don't want this to be true . I doubt it is though, but just in case... Here are the next 3 episodes:
  4. +~Nicole~+

    All Saints

    Here's what I found out about next week Breaking Point Episode 9.38 (373) November 07, 2006 A patient's fall becomes suspicious when it's revealed his wife is sleeping with his brother. Jo and Sean's relationship reaches boiling point. Cate's drunkenness leads to a humiliating accident. and here is a sneek peek at the week after... (Highlight below if you want to know) Love and Hate Episode 9.39 (374) November 14, 2006 Frank convinces a distraught father to let his son go. Dan's sympathy for a patient evaporates when he commits a dastardly act. Zoe draws on a secret from her past to solve a medical mystery.
  5. +~Nicole~+

    All Saints

    That ep sounds really interesting. Poor Bart, you really have to feel sorry for him. No one really takes him seriously.
  6. +~Nicole~+

    All Saints

    The sharkbite wasn't that bad to me. I always find things like if someone has a dislocated shoulder and they have to put it back into place worse than things like that . I do want Sean and Zoe to get together but I want him with Charlotte so much more.
  7. That's cool, but sad she misses Joel.
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