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  1. Great chapter. This chapter was quite realistic, i mean in real life if i heard my girlfriend saying she didn't trust me it would be a big deal so i like how you wrote it from both of their point of views so we can see each other's view on the situation. Hope they get back together though.
  2. Love the robbie and tasha stuff! Aswell as the Ric and Mattie stuff. Love that b&w icon too!
  3. I think Martha was wrong to worry too. Poor Jack hearing that. Great chapter. Update soon
  4. Great chapter. I really liked that, Kim was funny in it and Martha 'why does everyone keep asking me that?' Cant wait for more. Martha should have just told him.
  5. Sorry, was just giving my opinion. I guess i could have put in a less blunt way.
  6. Okay chapter. I don't like Laurie. I seriously don't want her in it at all. All that seems to be happening is either sex or other girls. Hope Jack has a good explanation, and Martha doesn't get hurt.
  7. ^^ I love LMS. Last movie i saw was Nancy Drew. Thought it was quite good.
  8. I'm in need of an update. Can i expect to find one later?
  9. Lol. Great chapters as always. I loved the memories and that there wasn't actually that much fluff in the latest one even though you said there would be. I think some of the parts in these recent chapters have been just as descriptive as mine. Update soon. Not too keen on the preview.
  10. BOY LIKES GIRL Type of story: Short Fic Rating: T Main Characters: Cassie Turner, Jules Munro Genre: Romance, Comedy Warnings: T Is Story being proof read: No Spoilers: No. Summary: Boy Likes Girl. Boy tries to win Girl’s Heart. Yes, that’s right it isn’t going to be easy! But then again what is in the life? Boy is a very confident, attractive, law disobeying, broken individual who has had many girls but has yet to love a girl as any girl he has had have only been with him for one night and night only. Girl is a very confident, attractive, law obeying, won’t admit she
  11. It was good. But sad. I think Geoff should have kept the mug but i can see why he did what he did.
  12. I agree. I would love 10 more chapters (lily free ) to wrap up the fic. I don't really want this fic to end though. I loved the latest two chapters Jack and Martha at their best. I can't wait for the next chapter. Curious as to where they are going to go.
  13. Yay! She took the pill. Great chapter. Looking forward to reading more about the two of them, glad it isn't three. Update soon.
  14. I loved that chap! You write Jack and Martha so well. I really liked that it was just the two of them in the chap and i'm glad they had sex but i don't want martha to be pregnant as if the baby comes it'll get all the attention and the focus won't be on martha and jack's relationship. Update soon! Can't wait for more.
  15. I can't say great chapter because lily was in it. But it was a good chapter the jack and martha stuff was good up until lily lol but yeah i agree with Amber why couldn't jack just walk away from lily and go with martha that bit sucks. Anyway update soon.
  16. Great oneshot! Was different jack being shy. Was good though , and i like how you ended it makes people fill in the blanks their selves!
  17. You know i love it but seeing as this is my first comment [only started reading last night and finished it now ] i just like to say that i think the storyline has been really good and that it's good it's not just a typical Jack and Martha fic where they are together already it keeps you wondering whether they are going to get together. The latest chapter was good, glad that henry didn't do anything don't really like him and definitely don't like lily/laurie +[any other future interruption although hope there isn't another one but seems like there will be] in a way i am glad martha got
  18. I thought this was good. Liked the Geoff/Lucas scenes, only wish would be that there was more of it.
  19. Howdy to you too! :P Hope you're having a great holiday. Missing you :(

    It's not been moved yet hehe :P

    new spoilers are really great!! :)

    Jules might be coming back! =D

    & it looks like J&M may get back together :P here's hoping :P

  20. Zetti i love Final Destination! I wanted to see Hostel 2 aswell but didn't get round it because there were so many other good films out at the time so i guess i'll just have to wait for the dvd or something .
  21. Why on earth do you think Becca was Lil and Averyl was Chrissie? Thanks Lil, Tasha, Emma & Aaron Because Chrissie said could be one reason.
  22. Incase everyone is wondering Becca was written to be Lil and Averyl was written to be Chrissie. Sorry just thought i'd say because i guess no one else would. And that is why Lil here thinks Becca was the best. So sad to see it end but i guess it can't go on forever and that was a great ending!
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