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  1. That's a pretty good grade! Well done. Tom, you're stuff is cool! Hope it went okay Jen! Yay for all your exams being over Sam!
  2. I really like these. Like 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th! Would love to see more if you are still active here.
  3. Great chapter. Poor Martha. But great chemistry as always between the two and them playing together was really nice. Update soon.
  4. Like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th! Geoff and Annie one is really cool.
  5. Great chapter! Poor Martha. Hopefully by the end of the fic i won't have to say this Glad she has Jack. Kim A bubble bath sounds nice Can't wait.
  6. I'm good. Just wasting my day on the internet once again. You? Im good too. I haven't been in here as much as I used to partly because I kinda lost interest but it's good to be back! Lol I think that happened to alot of us but we all seem to come back sometime or another.
  7. A Blake fan! I love that song. Danger - Hilary Duff
  8. OMG You still listen to Steps. I Can't Break It To My Heart - Delta Goodrem
  9. Great chapter! I loved the ending. Poor Martha. Can't you just make them happy for one whole chapter? Update soon.
  10. Yeah, good too. What you up to other than BttB?
  11. Welcome back Amy! How's you?
  12. I'm good. Just wasting my day on the internet once again. You?
  13. LOL at the first one! Like cropping of third one. Also really like the 5th and 6th one's cropping too.
  14. Great chapter. Although, Poor Martha i hate Leon . Hope Martha gets found. Update soon. Yay for the preview being back.
  15. Great chapter!! I really loved that Martha got him a special gift that was then explained further on. The length was fine! Hope this makes them get back together now! Hope Jack's wish comes true. Update soon.
  16. Very sad chapter. Nevertheless was good. I can see it from both point of views but i really want them to just get back together! A birthday is all they need at the moment.
  17. Love cropping on third one! Really original.
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